Aaron Gittleman – FOH AER


Aaron Gittleman was mixing FOH for AER on a VUE al-Class system.

What I look for in a favorite PA:

“I  first look for a flatness in an EQ”

First impressions mixing on a VUE System:

“The VUE System was awesome. The first thing I noticed was the full range and power. I had my master data at half and even my sub-masters. Usually when I walk into a festival situation I have to push, push and push, but here I had all I needed, and I actually ended up backing stuff off.”

“I would absolutely mix on this VUE al-Class system again, it was awesome, really great. &  I really mean everything I’m saying.”
Aaron has been mixing AER for 2 years, since they’ve brought on a band: bass player, Drummer and a DJ on tour. They are originally a duo based out of Boston, living in NYC.