Norway-based avon VUE’s Their Second Decade

VUE’s charter distributor installed more than 3,500 VUE speakers in last five years

March 21st, 2018 — Escondido, CA

For a week the end of last year, the scene at avon in Trondheim Norway looked more like a live music festival than corporate event as VUE’s distributor, installer and live sound company celebrated 10 years in business. To mark the occasion, avon hired music venue “Dokkhuset Scene” which currently deploys an extensive VUE all-Beryllium sound system consisting of al-8, al-4, hs-28 and hs-221 subwoofers paired with a Yamaha PM10 Rivage with Rupert Neve Silk preamp mixer.

Charter distributors since VUE Audio’s inception, company founders attribute a great deal of their success to the professional quality of their product lines and VUE’s pristine reliability and configurability. In fact, avon was the first distributor outside the United States to take on the VUE brand.

“Our entire business is guided by the simple principle — ‘when quality matters’ — we realize everyone needs to make money, but our driving force is pristine audio first, and the rest will follow,” explained Edgar Andraa Lien, avon co-founder. “We have done business with the big boys before, and the difference with VUE is that we really are a team. We can discuss, hear and be heard. The gear list for our celebration proves that we are a hard-core high-quality audio company. VUE allows us to deliver more than typical sales propaganda that we experience with most companies.”

avon was founded in 2007 as avon lydinstallasion (audio install) by three well-known live audio professionals: Edgar Andraa Lien, Tor Breivik (CEO), and Jo Andre Waatsveen, (who was later replaced by Tor Erik Johansen). Today avon specializes in the design, sale and commissioning of concert sound, and installed systems for theaters, restaurants, clubs, conference rooms, churches, meeting rooms and schools. In additional to acoustic systems, avon specializes in control systems and AV equipment. All avon employees have expertise in a variety of fields and software platforms including acoustics, networking, EASE, Dante, IRISNet, SystemVUE and Systune.

Some of avon’s highest-profile VUE installations to date include: Dokkhuset Scene – jazz/classical venue; Herr Nilsen – jazz/blues venue; Det Norske Teatret – theatre; Sorenga Seafood – high quality seafood restaurant; Johns Bar – legendary rock pub; Chateu Neuf – jazz club; Vippa – Trendy Food Court; and OB Team/NEP/NRK/BioVisjon Broadcasters.

Tor Erik Johansen, remembers the very first days with VUE and how much it has changed the trajectory of their business. “Only months after the launch of VUE Audiotechnik we ordered our first VUE speakers for a broadcast show. The sonic performance was so convincing, we ordered 120+ more VUE speakers from all of their product classes without hearing them,” explained Johansen. “Since then, avon has acquired more than 3,500 VUE systems as the result of the extremely high acceptance by the Norwegian pro audio market. It helps we have experienced the lowest error rate known to humankind.”

avon clients speak the virtues of the VUE systems:

“Thumbs up! The level of clarity and control is unmatched — this [the VUE system] sounds like a totally different room.” Arild Schei – Music Producer – Dokkhuset Scene.

“The VUE al-8 delivered by the avon team filled the venue/arena with even coverage, clarity, and great impact. The system was easy to mix on and made a great season finale at Sukkerbiten by the Oslo waterfront. Best system delivered on DDB summer tour 2016” – Johnny Skalleberg – Sound engineer – Dumdum Boys

“The avon boys designed and scaled a perfect PA system for BIOVISJON’s TV Studios in Nydalen. Perfect size – Perfect sound,” said BioVisjon TV Studio’s Tom Langeland.

Lien goes on to explain how VUE has impacted avon’s operational efficiency. “Previously 20% of our time was consumed by convincing customers what system they needed. With VUE, we spend 0% of our time convincing, being able to dedicate more time optimizing the design and configurations of our custom installs — which after all is avon’s number-one target. We look forward to the next 10 years working closely with VUE for even more success.”

About avon
True to their slogan “When Quality Matters,” avon offers products, installation and advice to create tailor-made sound solutions for a wide range of customers across Norway. The company specializes in systems for concert sound, restaurants and clubs, conference rooms, churches, meeting rooms and schools. In addition to audio, avon has significant experience installing control systems and AV equipment. avon employees have expertise in many fields including, acoustics, EASE, Dante, IRISNet, Smaart, SystemVUE and Systune. They provide the highest quality and the industry’s absolute best solutions and products. avon is the exclusive importer for VUE Audiotechnik for the entire Nordic region. For more information about avon:


“Our entire business is guided by the simple principle — ‘when quality matters’ — we realize everyone needs to make money, but our driving force is pristine audio first, and the rest will follow”

Edgar Andraa Lien, avon co-founder



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