Jim Feeney – Tour Manager & Audio Engineer for Brillz

Jim Feeney used VUE Audiotechnik al-4’s and al-8SB’s on stage for DJ Monitors on the Live Nation’s TWONK Di NATION TOUR. The 40+tour dates carry board groups and an all VUE DJ Monitor rig, using various venue’s house rigs. “Vue al-4s offer huge sound with a small box. Perfect for everything from a DJ Fill to a FOH PA.”    

Joshua Driscoll – FOH Slightly Stoopid

Joshua Driscoll used VUE Audiotechnik powered h-Class hs-25 subs with h-15 tops for stage side fills and at Solana Beach, CA’s famed BellyUp club. “Thanks again for hooking up those side fills from VUE. They worked perfectly for us. What a great sounding speaker line.”  

Kyle T. Hamilton – FOH Janet Jackson, Pharrell, Rihanna

Kyle Hamilton used Sound Image provided VUE Audiotechnik h-Class Powered Full Range speakers as near field monitors on the recent Pharrell tour. “Vue h-8s are the only near field monitors that seemlessly translate my mix into concert PAs… I love these monitors!!!”

David Delhomme – Bassist in The Rickey Minor Band – American Idol

David Delhomme plays guitar and keyboards in the ‘Rickey Minor Band’ and used VUE’s h-Class speakers and subwoofers for his monitor rig on American Idol 2015. “After using the VUE h-15’s & hs-25 I can’t imagine having to hear any other system!! i am now completely addicted to the incredible tone both at a whisper and an ear bleed, […]

Hugh Johnson – FOH Vince Gill

The 2015 Vince Gill Tour takes them though theaters of America. They do not carry a main system and rely on house systems. Johnson carries a Sound Image provided VUE front fill system to augment and compliment the house systems for full, even coverage. At front of house, Johnson uses VUE i-6a (active) compact full-range speakers as nearfield monitors, with […]