Deanne Franklin – FOH Napa Crossroads


Mixing since 1982, some notable acts she’s mixed include Tom Waits, David Byrne, Sonic Youth & The Breeders.

What I look in a PA System:
“Versatility – doing a lot of theaters and sheds it’s really important to have a PA that’s powerful and meaty and yet clear everywhere without mud.”

About mixing on a VUE  System: “I really enjoyed mixing on it (VUE al-Class & hs-Class Subs), my first impressions was the clarity. But sometimes a system can be almost unforgiving in its clarity and this system, although I’ve mixed only once on it, I felt that it was more forgiving, that it had more “MEAT” to it. I really enjoyed the mid-range a lot. It’s sweet. I would mix on it again, definitely. Now I am curious to see how it goes up – the rigging – in different configurations and other environments.”

Deanne mixed Napa Crossroads – (a combination of a lot guys who wrote some of the biggest hits of the 70’s & 80’s Eg. ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ & ‘Eye of the Tiger’ ) at the Bottle Rock 2015 Festival in Napa, CA.