H.A.S. keeps VUE systems busy – New Years Eve

H.A.S. Productions, Inc. December 31, 2014

Subn-Cpast-Ballroom-2Sun Coast ballroom

VUE Audiotechnik a-l4 ultra compact line array systems with v4’s Systems Engines (amp/dsp) and Hs-28 subwoofers



Primm Valley Ballroom:

VIP Private Event

VUE Audiotechnik al-8n Line Arrays with V6 Systems Engines (amp/dsp)

MIDAS for days



Jay-on-Pro6-funH.A.S. Productions new C.O.O. Mr Jay Easley on the  MIDAS Pro6 House console

monitor-console-pm5d-i6a Larry Hall Jr. “Side stage mix is way easier with the
VUE Audiotechnik i-6a for near fields”

H.A.S. Productions December 26 New Years Eve load in #2 at The Orleans casino.

Orleans-Left-array-01 VUE Audiotechnik a;-8 line array systems with V6 System Engines (amp/dsp) and  hs-28dual 18-inch ACM subwoofers.