Harold & Dorothy Steward Center for Jazz featured as one of the most important audio installations of 2015


by Kelleigh Welch.
Posted March 24th, 2015

VUE Audiotechnik is proud to have been included on this list with SIA Acoustics installed and Sam Berkow designed ‘Ferring Jazz Bistro’ a performance ‘speakeasy’ a part of the ‘Harold & Dorothy Steward Center for Jazz’ in St. Louis. Read the entire list of MOST IMPORTANT AUDIO INSTALLATIONS OF 2015  on AVNetwork.com

Harold & Dorothy Steward Center for Jazz

The flagship performance venue of the Harold & Dorothy Steward Center for Jazz, ‘Ferring Jazz Bistro’ recently received a full makeover, which includes the installation of a new VUE Audiotechnik sound system specified by sound designer Sam Berkow of SIA Acoustics, whom also executed the complete sound design including room acoustics and sound system configuration.

The St. Louis based venue has been a local jazz ‘speakeasy’ for decades, and Berkow installed along with contractor Signal Systems, a purpose-built sound system into the space.

The Jazz Bistro space was expanded from 150 to 220 seats, with a lounge for additional seating for 75. In order to create a sound system design that could provide a consistent level with smooth coverage for the uniquely purposed 2-level venue, Berkow chose VUE’s ultra premium h-Class systems.

The main left and right clusters are made up of two h-12Ns (narrow coverage) on each side. “The New Jazz Bistro is a major departure from the old rectangular space.” Berkow explained, “It’s hard to cover with a line array product, so we looked to the h-12Ns. I’m very impressed with this box’s transient performance and transparent almost complete lack of coloration.”

The h-12N is a high definition full range loudspeaker system, which features a 4-inch neodymium HF Truextent beryllium diaphragm for high frequency clarity and output. The system incorporates 2800 watts of internal amplification, and like all h-Class two-way and subwoofer cabinets, they include highly optimized DSP under the watchful eye of SystemVUE, an ethernet based network control and monitoring system.

For bass reinforcement Berkow reached for two VUE hs-20, dual 10-inch ACM Active Compliance Management subwoofers, which incorporate 1,000 watts of power, with separate DSP optimized signals, for each woofer.

Eight additional h-8 compact loudspeakers were employed as under balcony and balcony fill cabinets. The h-8’s are two-way, 1,600 watt self-powered full range loudspeaker systems with the same Truextent beryllium diaphragm neodymium compression drivers as in VUE’s al-class line array systems.

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