Hugh Johnson – FOH Vince Gill

The 2015 Vince Gill Tour takes them though theaters of America. They do not carry a main system and rely on house systems. Johnson carries a Sound Image provided VUE front fill system to augment and compliment the house systems for full, even coverage. At front of house, Johnson uses VUE i-6a (active) compact full-range speakers as nearfield monitors, with one on each corner of the console doghouse.  Johnson deploys full-range, self-powered stacks from the VUE h-Class line on both corners of the stage. An h-15W (wide dispersion) and h-15N (narrow) are paired together, with the latter cross-firing toward the middle of the front rows. Beneath them sits one VUE hs-28 subwoofer with dual 18-inch drivers, deployed horizontally.

On VUE i-Class as personal fill speakers:
“At a lot of theaters, I might be stuck under a balcony or some other bad position. Sonically, these fill the void as well or better than anything I’ve tried. They are very accurate, which is important, since my nearfields get no EQ. The i-6a is perfect in that role.”

On VUE hs-28 Subwoofers:
“This subwoofer is turning into one of my favorite loudspeakers. It’s rare among 18-inch systems in that it actually delivers a musical note, not just thump. For instance, the bass guitar coming through the hs-28 sounds really nice and even, very melodic but with plenty of impact.”


All photos of Hugh Johnson © Dylan Mire