International Full Gospel Fellowship Upgrades with VUE al-4 System


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The International Full Gospel Fellowship (IFGF) in Seattle has found another great reason to rejoice thanks to a brand new sound reinforcement system from TR Professional.

The centerpiece of the church’s new sound reinforcement solution is a VUE al-4 subcompact line array system, with companion VUE V4 Systems Engines supplying all amplification and loudspeaker processing.

“This was our first experience with VUE, but I’d been hearing great things about the line,” admits Ric Webb, Principal at TR Professional. “Several church members were involved in the VUE al-8 installation at IFGF’s sister church in Jakarta last spring. They were really impressed with the al-8’s performance and were anxious to do something similar in Seattle.”

After consulting with VUE’s North American Sales Manager Jeff Taylor, Webb designed a main stage system around the VUE al-4 subcompact line array, which shares the same technologies found in the larger al-8 system that proved so popular in Jakarta.

“This is a smaller church with capacity for about 350,” explained Webb. “But their program material is very dynamic—incorporating guitar, bass, drums, several synthesizers and vocals. They really needed something relatively compact that could deliver plenty of sound and exceptional dynamic range.”

Webb continued, “I was aware of VUE’s work with beryllium and understood its potential for high frequency performance, but I was absolutely unprepared for how great the al-4 sounded. Right out of the box, and with zero EQ, it was amazingly smooth and clear.”

IFGF’s audio engineer Erwin Suparno was equally impressed. “The amount of headroom available from the al-4 is amazing. It’s absolutely crystal clear well beyond where other compact systems I’ve used simply give up. We are really impressed.”

While program material dictated the sonic requirements for IFGF’s new system, the church’s tall walls and abundant reflective surfaces presented a whole new set of challenges.


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“For its size, the room has a relatively high ceiling at 26ft, and there’s an open wing on one side with its own supplemental sound system,” Webb explained. “Keeping sound from spilling all over the place was critical, so we did an EASE model and determined that a central array of 8 boxes would be the best way to get the coverage and performance we needed.”

Webb continued, “We assembled the array exactly as recommended by the EASE model. On the very first try, the VUE line array hit all the desired listening areas exactly as predicted. I’ve never had a line array go up so easily. I can’t believe how good the pattern control is on the al-4.”

Rounding out the rest of IFGF’s system are a pair of VUE is-18a powered subwoofers and a new Behringer X32 digital console at front of house.

“I’m really impressed with what VUE has accomplished in such a short period of time,” concluded Webb. “From the line array to the subs, quality and performance are nothing short of exceptional. I’m definitely looking forward to working with more VUE systems in the future.”

Indeed, Webb may have his chance soon. IFGF have already begun discussions about updating their supplemental system to match their new VUE line array. And that’s exactly the type of customer satisfaction Webb and the TR Professional team strive for.

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