Joseph Walsh – FOH Boz Scaggs

Joseph Walsh stopped  by the VUE headquarters to talk about his recent experience of an al-8 & al-4 combo array. He is pictured here with a cut-out display model of the powered h-12 Full Range loudspeaker.

Boz Scaggs generally tours in performing arts venues and theatres and generally only carry a mixing console and a monitor rig. The FOH system is typically a house PA or a local rental. Joseph Walsh recently made a stop in Wilmington, NC, with local VUE Audiotechnik partner company Soundwave Productions providing the PA system for the Boz Scaggs tour stop. “These guys were great, the VUE PA was awesome. I think it was eight al-8s per side with four of the al-4’ on deck for front fills and four hs-25- dual 15 subwoofers.”

Walsh’s first impression of the al-8 & al-4 combo system (he had used the al-4 system at Thornton Wineries in Temecula, CA previously) left him stunned: “With minimal EQ, I got a pristine sound. Walking in and out from the front fills to the hangs it was amazingly seamless. The show was spectacular, and sound was fantastic. The boxes were smooth, and that’s what Boz requires, not too loud just a very smooth sound.“

“With a lot of other loudspeakers what I end up doing is ‘over EQ’ing’, many have too much high end around 8-10K, so I always just end-up taking all of that out. With the VUE system it all stayed pretty flat with no extraneous high-end. I’d be happy to meet this system again in any venue.”

“The VUE system was just so sweet, smooth all across the whole range-really great.”