VUE has partnered with DK Capital Leasing  – Providing flexibility of financing tailored for your objectives and budget.

– Get the system you need NOW, and use your rental income to pay for it.

Equipment Lease financing allows your businesses to get the equipment you need without affecting cashflow or credit lines. No matter the type of business, you need the proper equipment to compete and grow. VUE and DK Capital provide financing options helping your business  reach its full potential.


Equipment rentals cost your business money. Our affordable solutions help you build an inventory of equipment that allow you to make money rather than spend it.

VUE and DK Capital financing is currently available only in the United States. For a lease option outside the US, contact your local VUE distributor.

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We will build your lease payments around your budget. When you finance income producing equipment, we help to evaluate your monthly income potential making your net return favorable. This technique helps your business grow.


Our True Lease agreements provide for off balance sheet financing so these leases can be 100% detectable against pre-tax dollars. Talk to us about the deductible you’ll gain by writing Capital Leases or Equipment Financing Agreements as well.


When you finance through VUE/ DK Capital you allow yourself to preserve valuable bank lines of credit for your company. Let us help you stabilize your company’s financial security.


Save your cash to grow your company. You will strengthen your bottom line when you use financing to build your inventory of income producing equipment. We want your equipment to pay for itself.


VUE/ DK Capital has designed a streamlined financing process. You won’t get caught up in hours of paperwork with our “Application Only” programs for transactions as large as $100,000. Looking for more? We handle the paper so you don’t have to.

VUE/DK Capital Lease FAQ

Q: How long will it take to qualify for a lease and how much time does it take to close the deal?
A: Typically it takes 24 hours to hear back on an “Application Only” lease. A lease requiring a review of your business’s financial statements can take a couple of days pending the package is complete. Closing a lease depends on these variables; time to sign and return the lease agreement, delivery and acceptance of products being leased, and a final call to the customer to authorize funding.

Q: What can I expect to pay up front, and are there any hidden fees?
A: Expect to pay one or two payments in advance. If you’re paying two payments up front note that they’ll be recognized as your first and last payment of the agreed upon lease term. A small documentation fee may also be charged up front to cover certain funding costs.

Q: Can I have more than VUE as an vendor; am I able to combine invoices into one lease?
A: Yes, it is quite common that multiple vendors appear on one individual lease contract. By preparing the order ahead of time and discussing the multiple vendor issue with your leasing agent up front, you’ll avoid delays in payment. If a vendor other than VUE cannot deliver near the same time-frame of the other vendors, then a separate schedule pro-rating the lease payment can be arranged using our Master Lease Agreement. Call for details.

Q: My business is seasonal; can I take relief from payments during my off season?
A: Absolutely! We’re very proud of our underwriting ability to customize your billing to suit your budgetary needs. As well as offering Seasonal Billing we have a full arsenal of various other structured billing options.

Q: What is needed to qualify for an equipment lease with VUE/DK Capital, Inc?
A: We follow a very basic credit criterion that is more aggressive than conventional banking and conservative enough to protect our underwriting providers. There are two basic elements that make up our credit review, time in business and personal credit. We require a minimum of 2 years time in business and we expect the applicants to maintain a clean personal credit history. Bank and trade account references are also called upon to present a business credit history.

There obviously are many more questions that come up but these seem to be very common. Always feel free to ask questions even if they seem redundant or obvious. Being well informed will help make the lease a more enjoyable, profitable experience.