Mondo*dr features Shrek Adventure! and The Luckman – High Profile VUE Installs

Mondo*dr September/ October issue features the world renowned members only club SOHO House located in West Hollywood, and their new sound system design and install in “The Luckman“, a club within a club, executed by Sensorium AVR out of NYC. AVR Sensorium President Bryan Bilgore is also featured in this month’s “Insider Insights” sidebar.

The second feature in the magazine is a theme park installation story where  more than 250 VUE i-class speakers are installed in London’s Shrek’s Adventure! attraction on Westminster Bridge Rd. brought to you by Merlin Entertainments, with audio system design and install by SSE Audio Group.

READ THE LUCKMAN STORY HERE (read on screen / pdf download)



READ THE SHREK’S ADVENTURE! LONDON STORY HERE  (read on screen / pdf download)