VUE provides high-definition audio system for OPPO product launch

Lavtech AV Technology selects VUE al-12 Acoustic Linear line arrays to meet OPPO’s high-demands

October 1, 2019, — Shanghai, China

OPPO, the leading mobile phone manufacturer in China, recently released the latest Reno series at the Shanghai Mercedes Benz Arena. In addition to a new range of breakthrough features, the phone also supports High-Resolution audio and Dolby Atmos audio. Audiophiles may be familiar with OPPO as their Blu-Ray players supported SACD, DVD-Audio and Blu-Ray high resolution audio formats with superior digital-to-analog converters.

OPPO required the live sound reinforcement at the conference be of the highest definition to allow the audience to experience the outstanding sound of the new mobile phone. The A/V provider of this event, Lavtech AV Technology, selected VUE al-12 Acoustic Linear line arrays to meet the high-demands.

“OPPO started business as an audio company, and it has a high-demand for sound. This conference needs to present many scenes in high definition audio, in addition to playing back the sound of Dolby Atmos surround. There is also a section of the film to highlight the sound zoom function when recording. Therefore, the audio system should have excellent high-frequency definition and low-frequency dive ability, and at the same time have enough power,” said Wu Jiacheng, technical director of VUE China.

The system Mr. Wu specified made use of both al-12 and al-8 line arrays along with hs-221s for the sub frequencies. “Because of the difficulty in processing and designing the beryllium diaphragm, there are not many manufacturers using this material. The beryllium tweeter  has a higher definition than the conventional aluminum or titanium diaphragm, and it is exactly what this event needed. In addition, the low frequency of hs-221 subwoofer can dive to 25Hz, – people will feel that the low frequency comes from the bottom of the floor and has a deep feeling of diving.” he added.

The audience area of the conference included in-field seating facing the stage and a two-story auditorium that was fanned out. The sound system could not impair the audience’s line-of-sight, so the arrays were flown 22 meters above the stage. The main array consisted of 8 x al-12s suspended at the left and right side respectively. In addition, 4 x al-8s were hung on each side as front fills, covering the 4-meter area in the front. An array of 4 x al-8s on each side were suspended to function as monitors. A total of 12 hs-221 subwoofers were deployed with 2 al-12s stacked on-top for front fill at the sides of the stage. The system was driven by 12 VUE V3 amps and managed by SystemVUE management software.

VUE China faced some challenges during the set-up. The Mercedes Benz Center does not allow equipment to be stacked on the catwalk and the cables on the floor must be hidden. The technical team decided to use Dante as both VUE’s amplifiers and speakers “speak” Dante. This allowed for the use of networking cables to reduce bulky cable runs making it easier to tuck them out of site. The installation was completed in a day by four technicians of VUE China, and system tuning was completed in half a day with SysTune and Smaart acoustic field analysis software.

Lavtech was very satisfied with the al-Class performance in such a sonically-critical environment.“We have been deeply impressed after listening to VUE,” commented General Manager Bai Xiaofei.“VUE hit me first when OPPO proposed the audio demand and it turns out that this was the right choice.”

“We have been deeply impressed after listening to VUE, VUE hit me first when OPPO proposed the audio demand and it turns out that this was the right choice.”

General Manager Bai Xiaofei

Lavtech’s Mr.Guo Ruijian VUE China”s Mr.Jaden Wu

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