al-12’s for Vegas Spring Fling with One Republic

VUE Rocks Red Rock Hotel, Las Vegas for the Mix 94.1 Spring Fling

H.A.S. Productions Deploys VUE al-12 line array;
praising the system’s pristine sound quality and versatility

H.A.S. Productions – in partnership with Audio Visual Live – recently deployed a VUE al-12 large format line array system for the “Spring Fling” show at the Red Rock Hotel, Las Vegas. One Republic headlined the poolside event, with Gavin DeGraw and Andy Grammer opening.


The front of house system included left and right CST™ Hybrid clusters each with eight VUE al-12 large-format elements, augmented with additional medium-format al-8 line elements providing down fill. VUE’s unique Continual Source Topology (CSTTM) eliminates the disruptions associated with the use of mixed array elements. This allowed H.A.S. to easily achieve the precise vertical coverage required for the venue with lower hang weight and absolute sonic consistency.

For low frequency extension, H.A.S. deployed 24 VUE hs-28 dual 18-in ACM™ subwoofers spanning the front of the stage in a pair of physical gradient (arced ) end-fire directional arrays. The configuration produced optimal directional characteristics with excellent low frequency cancellation on-stage while ensuring wide and smooth radiation throughout  the audience areas.

Additional al-4 subcompact line array systems were deployed to cover the VIP area.

Audio Visual Live provided additional al-12 cross-rental support to H.A.S. as much of their VUE inventory committed to other jobs.

VUEDrive Systems Engines provided the power and processing the line arrays. A pair of Avid VENUE Profile consoles along with a DiGiCo SD5 served mix duty.

Since adding the al-12’s to their inventory in 2016, H.A.S. provided production services for a range of events, including the five-stage, three -day Extreme Thing music and sports festival. With considerably more than 100 VUE elements in their inventory, including the newly released al-12 large format line array, H.A.S. continues to be one of the largest members of VUE’s rapidly expanding worldwide network.

“Our investment in VUE, most notably our newly delivered al-12 system, has been a key driver in expanding our sports and musical festival leadership position,” explained Hall. “The VUE al-Class line arrays are easily the quickest, most versatile, load-in-to-show-time system in our inventory, and the sound quality is simply unmatched.”