SystemVUE and V4 – V6 Quick Start Guide

You must use SystemVUE version 3.4.8 or higher for the software to recognize V4 or V6 System Engines, if you have an older version please update from the links tab before attempting to connect to V4′ or V6’s.

ISO Disc image contains both Mac and Windows versions of the SystemVUE Software:

SystemVUE Software for Windows 32-bit:

SystemVUE 3.4.8 on Windows XP or Windows 7, 64-bit versions. Windows 8:

SystemVUE on Macintosh OSX, versions 10.5.8 – 10.9:

If you are having problems installing SystemVUE on windows 8 use this information to allow full installations:

The Beta Version can be downloaded from:  VUE_Audiotechnik_systemVUE_v_3_4_8_105536.iso this is a ISO CD image that includes the Windows 32 and 64 bit versions of SystemVUE along with a version for OS-X.  You must use version 3.4.8 or later with the V4 or V6.
The Current Preliminary SystemVUE Manual can be downloaded from:  SystemVUE-Manual.pdf Installation Instructions

  • Download SystemVUE 3.4.8 beta software from the link included
  • Install software on any intel based Mac preferred, or a Windows 7 machine (refer to systemVUE manual for install instructions)
    • make sure firewall settings are set for trusted networks
    • Windows 8 NOT SUPPORTED ( testing with Windows 8 requires you to modify security settings to allow installation)
    • Connect only one SystemVUE PC at a time – If more than one computer on the subnet is running SystemVUE only the first one to log on the network will capture VUE systems on the network, the connection may become un-reliable if there are multiple SystemVUE instances on the same network.
  • Connect V-System Engines and H-Class systems ethernet ports using standard Cat-5e cables (100M cable length max)
    • to an existing network using DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol – Wikipedia Entry for DHCP) or you can create a DHCP based network by configuring a WiFI access point or other type of Routers (Cable Modems) to provide DHCP (typically the default configuration) this will supply a usable IP address to devices connected to the home network
    • or directly to the LAN port of the PC for ad-hoc access
    • Fixed IP systems are possible, but not documented yet-contact VUE directly for further support
  • Launch SystemVUE software (refer to SystemVUE manual for operation instructions)
  • Power On VUE devices
  • Observe units coming on-line in the SystemVUE browser window and establishing link status
  • Select the “wink” button on each h-Class device to identify each unit via the blinking blue LED on the front or back of the speaker
  • Use the individual units control panels to “name” devices; i.e. AL-4 mains, Left HS-25 Sub, Right HS-25 Sub, and so on
  • Use the “make new group” function to combine multiple like devices into zones; i.e. Tops, Subs, Delays, etc.(refer to SystemVUE manual for further detail)
  • Any changes made in a control panel of one device in a group will make the same changes in all units in the group (all other like, grouped devices will follow accordingly)
  • Select appropriate preset from the drop down menu; either “al-4 8pac V4 r1”, or “al-4 4pac V4 r1”, or “Hs-28 80hz” typically
    • 8pac or 4pac for arrays of 8 or 4 boxes accordingly (tops)
    • 60, 70, or 80hz for hs-28 (subs)
    • 70, 80, or 90hz for hs-25
  • If you are using the AES Digital input you can change the input from the default:
    • AES A
    • AES B
    • AES Mono (A+B)
  • Per output for V system engines, or per system for h-Class systems
    • Toggle “mute” with the labeled push-button
    • Adjust “delay” with the rotary knob, or by entering the desired time in the text box
    • Raise or lower the “volume” with the fader  or by entering the desired time in the text box


  • For stereo V4 operation
    • Connect Left signal to input A, and Right to input B
    • Connect Left al-4 cable to output A, and Right al-4 cable to output B
      • ! ONLY USE NL-4 CONNECTOR CABLES, NEVER NL-2 !  Output A & B have LF signal on pins 1+/-, and HF signal on pins 2+/-
  • For mono V4 operation
    • Connect Mono signal to input A
      • Connect a xlr jumper cable from thru A to input B
    • Connect al-4 array, zone 1 to output A, and zone 2 to output B
      • ! ONLY USE NL-4 CONNECTOR CABLES, NEVER NL-2 !  Output A & B have LF signal on pins 1+/-, and HF signal on pins 2+/-
  • For AES operation
    • Connect 110Ohm AES signal cable to each V4 AES input
      • AES “thru” connection NOT SUPPORTED at this time
  • On all h-Class systems
    • If no computer is present for SystemVUE control, depress the recessed “RESET” button on the amp panel to recall factory configuration
  • On all V system engines
    • No wink or sleep capability at this time
  • For Ground Stack al-4 systems on hs-28
    • add 4MS of delay to each al-4 array
  • For Ground Stack al-4 systems on hs-25
    • add 3MS of delay to each al-4 array