a-Class systems are designed specifically for working professionals seeking the ideal balance of sound quality, versatility and value. Benefitting from many of the same design principles behind our flagship h-Class, the a-Class brings similar voicing characteristics to a highly versatile family ideal for of addressing applications ranging from houses of worship to theatres, auditoria and portable PA.

Bell Events Selects VUE Line Arrays for Fiesta Hermosa Festival

“Over three days we heard everything from rock, R&B and country, to jazz and even reggae. The VUE systems literally took anything we threw at them and sounded absolutely fantastic every single time.”

Oslo’s Internasjonalen Club Upgrades with VUE Audiotechnik

“VUE loudspeakers offer exceptional pattern control and ample amounts of output for their size, so we immediately specified the VUE h- and a-Class, and then designed the rest of the system around those.”

Oslo Music Venue Upgrades with VUE a-Class

“The VUE a-Class sounds absolutely amazing and provides extremely consistent voicing from the 8-inch all the way up to the 15-inch cabinets.”

PRG Chooses VUE Line Array For Famed Tree Lighting Ceremony at Rockefeller Center

“The VUE al-4 is extremely compact and delivers a tremendous amount of output for its size. Most importantly, the VUE line array has excellent pattern control. We were able to quickly assemble the al-4 system and easily dial-in exactly the perfect coverage.”

VUE al-4 Line Array Takes Flight at the White Eagle Rock n’ Roll Hotel

“Right out of the box and without any EQ, the al-4 sounded absolutely amazing….We knew pretty quickly that the al-4 was perfect for us.”