VUE Brings a Touch of Broadway to the Prairie

“We love all of VUE’s products; ever since purchasing our first a-12’s in 2015, we’ve loved the sonic quality and clarity of the speakers. After hearing the al-Class, we knew we had to add them our inventory. The al-8 were the perfect size box for this venue, with the al-4s a perfect way to fill in below the main hang. We delivered on our mission to bring the level of professionalism we do for all our jobs, but because these young adults hold great promise for the future of performance, and production, we took this one even more seriously—with VUE we really did take flight!”
-Anthony Bartucci, President and Co-Sound Designer of AB Production Associates

H.A.S. Productions Deploys VUE Line Arrays for TLC at Red Rocks Casino

“By combining different sized al-Class elements into hybrid arrays, we have a lot of creative freedom to address everything from SPL and coverage to sightline and weight, while being fully confident that voicing is always consistent. My VUE al-Class systems are by far the most versatile additions to my inventory yet.”

-Larry Hall, President of H.A.S. Productions


Calling all consultants, integrators, contractors, and dealers. VUE Audiotechnik will be holding a two-day demo of VUE Audiotechnik scalable al-Class Line Arrays & Powered ACM™ h-Class subwoofer systems. From sophisticated Truextent® Beryllium diaphragms in HF Drivers, to patented ACM™ subwoofer technology – come explore how VUE Audiotechnik DOES SPEAKERS DIFFERENTLY. This is an open demo but requires an RSVP for a specific time slot to attend. Dates: Thursday January 28 […]

VUE AUDIOTECHNIK助阵2015年AT&T美国职业足球大联盟全明星周

第20届美国职业足球大联盟(MLS)同往年一样,聚焦联盟最佳球员及众多明星。2015年的AT&T MLS全明星周开赛前几天的活动安排极其丰富,以丹佛市中心的天际公园作为本次庆典的核心,活动包括Bomba Estéreo的热带电音、MLS的电影之夜,以及来自Capital Cities和Aloe Blacc等明星的演唱会。园内的主舞台采用全套VUE Audiotechnik音响系统,包括al-8高输出线阵系统、al-4超紧凑型线阵系统、hs-28双18寸ACM低音系统和hm-112高清舞台监听系统。来自加州亨廷顿海滩的CODE FOUR公司和拉斯维加斯的H.A.S.制作公司专为本次庆典的各项活动提供舞台设备和音频支持。


Now in its 20th year, the annual MLS (Major League Soccer) All-Star Game spotlights the league’s best players, and this year’s event was no exception. The 2015 AT&T MLS All-Star Week boasted a full schedule of activities in the days leading up to the game, with Skyline Park in downtown Denver serving as the nucleus of the festivities. The site’s Main Stage featured a full complement of al-8 High Output Line Array Systems, al-4 Subcompact Line Array Systems, hs-28 Dual 18-inch ACM Subwoofer Systems and hm-112 High Definition Stage Monitor Systems from VUE Audiotechnik. CODE FOUR, of Huntington Beach, California, and H.A.S. Productions, of Las Vegas, exclusively supplied the staging and audio in support of a variety of diverse events, such as the electro-tropical sounds of Bomba Estéreo, MLS Movie Night and concerts from Capital Cities and Aloe Blacc.