Access Audio supports Crossroads Church Student Ministry Camp with VUE Line Arrays

Access Audio was hired to provide a full-stage production that relied on their VUE Audiotechnik al-8 line arrays. The system consisted of 4 hangs of al-8s with 6 elements per hang. This provided L/R FOH coverage along with L/R fill. Individual al-8 elements were placed on the front edge of the stage as additional fill for those standing up close. The low-end for front of house was pushed with VUE hs-28 subwoofers placed in a cardiod configuration under the main system. To add subs to the side-fills, hs-221 subs were also positioned in cardiod configuration under the fill al-8 hangs.

al-12fb 3-D line drawing stp

stp file of al-12fb

al-12 UFB drawing .stp

al-12 UFB drawing

al-8sb – fb flybar stp 3-D drawing

al-8sb flybar drawing

al-12 stp 3-D drawing

3-D drawing file