Bell Events Services Taps VUE for Labor Day Fiesta Hermosa Festival

“As the newest VUE monitor, I wanted to give the hm-115 a thorough run through,” commented Tim Campbell, Audio Supervisor and Operations manager at Bell Events. “On days one and two we used them for vocals, then moved them to side fill on days three and four. They performed flawlessly with massive amounts of headroom, clarity and seamless vocals around the entire 30 x 24 stage. Near Nirvana, as far as monitors go.”
-Tim Campbell, Audio Supervisor and Operations manager at Bell Events

VUE为圣•路易斯德尔玛音乐厅(ST. LOUIS DELMAR HALL)带来音乐之声

当露天大剧场(Pageant Theater)的共有人Pat Hagin和Joe Edwards打算扩大圣·路易斯现场音乐演出场地时,他们希望增加一个中型场所,力求这个新场所能够实现世界一流的声音体验,成为这个城市的传奇乐坛的中流砥柱。他们找到了位于圣·路易斯的Logic Systems音响租赁公司来实现最先进的VUE音响系统设计,用于崭新的10000平方米的摇滚乐表演场所——德尔玛音乐厅(Delmar Hall),地处圣路易斯迅速发展的Delmar Loop区。

全新VUE音响系统进驻挪威Soria Moria文化娱乐中心

位于挪威首都奥斯陆的Soria Moria建于1928年,是集影视、音乐、戏剧和文学为一体的文化娱乐中心。2014年,Soria Moria的所有人Karl-Henning Svendsen和Olaf Masterman Loly接管并翻新了Soria Moria内部的餐饮音乐区HVASKJER。作为改造的一部分,该区域的音频系统采用了VUE Audiotechnik的产品。


Built in 1928 as a Christmas gift to the residents of Torshov, a borough of Oslo, Norway, the historic Soria Moria building complex has since served as a cultural hub for cinema, music, theatre and literature. In 2014, co-owners Karl-Henning Svendsen and Olaf Masterman Loly took over and refurbished what would become HVASKJER Torshov, the restaurant/music venue inside Soria Moria. Loudspeakers from VUE Audiotechnik became an integral part of the renovation.

HVASKJER Torshov combines a restaurant with a wood-fired grill; beer, wine and cocktail bars; a dancing area; two concert venues; and an arcade/gaming room. Drawing on his previous experience with other venues in Oslo, Loly called upon avon lydinstallasjon (AS) to handle the installation. “We chose avon as our integrator of sound and lighting systems because they have delivered good, reliable systems in some of our other venues here in Oslo,” says Loly. “We have a good common understanding of doing business, plus avon has good references in other venues throughout Oslo and Trondheim, which is important to us.”

VUE Audiotechnik 赋予3S艺术空间灵感

2015年年初,3S 艺术空间(3S Artspace) 由一片旧仓库改建而成,当时它需要一套音响系统来满足10000平方英尺的各种室内活动。Swell Sound公司的音频专家和顾问根据自己对声学的研究和在声学方面的经验,为该场地选择了全套VUE Audiotechnik的音响产品。