Mega Audio公司位于德国Waldlaubersheim市, 靠近法兰克福,近期成为VUE Audiotechnik德国经销商。 作为战略合作伙伴, Mega Audio将为VUE提供完善的销售网络和良好的支持构架,而VUE Audiotechnik 则将提供不断更新扩大的顶级音响产品,附件的VUE欧洲公司也将为其提供充沛的工厂支持、服务和培训。

MEGA Audio Takes On Distribution of VUE Products In Germany

Mega Audio based in Waldlaubersheim, near Frankfurt-am-Mein, Germany has partnered with VUE Audiotechnik for distribution of their loudspeaker products. The partnership will provide VUE with Mega Audio’s well-established sales network and excellent support structure, and in turn Mega Audio will have access to VUE Audiotechnik’s ever-expanding, high-quality loudspeaker products and VUE Europa’s close proximity will provide unmatched factory support, service and training.