VUE Audiotechnik 赋予3S艺术空间灵感

2015年年初,3S 艺术空间(3S Artspace) 由一片旧仓库改建而成,当时它需要一套音响系统来满足10000平方英尺的各种室内活动。Swell Sound公司的音频专家和顾问根据自己对声学的研究和在声学方面的经验,为该场地选择了全套VUE Audiotechnik的音响产品。

VUE Audiotechnik Inspires at 3S Artspace

When 3S Artspace built its location from the remnants of an old warehouse in early 2015, it required a sound system capable of catering to the 10,000-square-foot building’s variety of activities. It called in audio consultants Swell Sound to apply their acoustical expertise, which in turn commissioned a full set of VUE Audiotechnik products for the space.

A nonprofit founded in 2009, 3S Artspace is dedicated to showcasing emerging art and entertainment. The physical 3S Artspace building features a number of eclectic venues, such as a performance space, an art gallery and a restaurant. This combination is designed to accommodate the organization’s robust set of events and performances, from short-film nights to sets by DJs and hardcore bands.