H.A.S. Productions Expands VUE Inventory Amidst Growing Demand

“Our business is booming, and at the same time, awareness and demand for the VUE line arrays is also on the rise. This expansion ensures that we’re able to more easily address the market across multiple simultaneous event sites – especially during peak weeks.”
-Larry Hall, President of H.A.S. Productions

H.A.S. Productions Deploys VUE Line Arrays for TLC at Red Rocks Casino

“By combining different sized al-Class elements into hybrid arrays, we have a lot of creative freedom to address everything from SPL and coverage to sightline and weight, while being fully confident that voicing is always consistent. My VUE al-Class systems are by far the most versatile additions to my inventory yet.”

-Larry Hall, President of H.A.S. Productions


The 2015 Big Blues Bender held at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada recently wrapped up with much praise for the high level of production. Las Vegas, NV based H.A.S Productions provided staging, lighting, and an all VUE-based audio design for the 4-day, multi-stage event they have had as a client since the festivals inception.

This isn’t your average festival or attendee, “the fans in the blues community are ‘audiophiles’ and have very high standards in what they like and what they will tolerate,” says Larry Hall, CEO of H.A.S Productions. “We deployed every piece of VUE Audiotechnik gear that we own for the festival”. Jay Easley, H.A.S. Productions COO says “It’s a multi-stage show with all the challenging elements you can imagine.”