VUE Outfits L.L. Bean Concert Series with AV Technik

“We began using VUE about 2 years ago and thanks to the products’ versatility and sonic performance, it has proven to be a very valuable tool for many of our clients. For prior events at L.L. Bean headquarters we have used a handful of other systems, but with VUE, we were able to achieve entirely new levels of coverage, pattern control, clarity, and consistency throughout the entire venue.”-Daniel Willis, AV Technik President

Michael Franti & Spearhead Soulshine Tour the first music and yoga lifestyle tour

Michael Franti and Spearhead toured 35 cities with 4 bands, 2 DJs and 1 ridiculously awesome yoga jam in the summer of 2014 utilizing VUE al-4’s compact line arrays mounted on top of as-215 subwoofers for the mass yoga and a-12 stage monitors for the acoustic music jam.