al-4 Subcompact Line Array System Provides Harmony at SGI-USA New York Culture Center

When the SGI-USA New York Culture Center needed a major sound system upgrade in its main auditorium, project consultants SIA Acoustics recommended the VUE Audiotechnik al-4 Compact Line Array System, which was then installed by systems integrator Panavid, Inc. The installation at the Buddhist organization’s Union Square center in Manhattan features custom-painted white VUE al-4 speakers paired with VUE V4-i install versions of the V Series systems engines.

VUE AUDIOTECHNIK双4寸超紧凑型线阵系统为国际创价学会-美国(SGI-USA)纽约文化中心带来和谐之声

纽约,10月8号,2015——当国际创价学会-美国(SGI-USA)纽约文化中心需要升级大圣堂的主音响系统时,SIA声学公司的项目顾问推荐了VUE Audiotechnik的al-4超紧凑型线阵系统,随后由Panavid系统集成商负责安装。此次在纽约曼哈顿岛的佛教组织联合广场中心的安装采用了定制的白色VUE al-4音箱和VUE v4-i固定安装版本的V系列系统引擎。