Three Dog Night revisit their string of hits through al-12 and al-8 line arrays

70s hitmakers Three Dog Night, shine at the Findlay Toyota Center

Prescott, AZ

Three Dog Night recently performed their string of hits such as “One”, “Joy To The World”, “Mama Told Me” “Shambala” and many more. Their music has always contained great dynamics, lush vocal harmonies and intricate instrument arrangements. So much so, that when Sound Image was employed to provide sound for their appearance at the Findlay Toyota Center in Prescott Arizona, Systems Engineer Chris White, spec’d a VUE Audiotechnik al-12 acoustic linearity line array for pristine sound reproduction.

Findlay Toyota Center is an indoor arena and requires a sound system, lights and stage be brought in for concerts. Controlling sound coverage and reflections in an indoor arena is always a delicate balance. White commented on the system’s ability to overcome arena sound challenges. “The venue is a typical arena and very live. The VUE system was able to provide even coverage throughout the venue with good pattern control to help alleviate the issues.”

White’s VUE system included twenty-four (12 per side) al-12 arrays for front coverage and twelve al-8 (6 per side) smaller arrays for aux side coverage. Twelve hs-221 dual 21” ACM subwoofers were ground stacked across the center of the stage. When asked why the VUE rig was the ideal choice for this performance, White replied, “The excellent fidelity of the PA and the consistent response from front to back as well as while transitioning from main to aux coverage were my main considerations when specifying a system at this arena.” Three Dog Night’s FOH engineer appeared “very happy with the PA deployment and tonal qualities”, according to White.

With numerous shows with VUE’s systems under his belt, Chris was happy to report, “Every time I deploy the VUE PA I am impressed with how minimal of tuning it needs to sound good. I always have even coverage in the vertical with very minimal tonal change as you walk the room. I am also very impressed with the voicing while using al-8’s as aux hangs for the al-12, I can walk out of the mains and into the auxes with very minimal change in the sound quality. The hs-221 subs never disappoint, they are so powerful and musical while not being extremely large due to the unique loading of the 2x 21” drivers.” – Chris White (Systems Engineer – Sound Image) Three Dog Night continue to tour in 2023 with shows going until September.

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