Tib Csabai – FOH Grizfolk


Tib Csabai has been mixing for about 15 years, and about a year and half with this band – right from their beginning.

About my favourite PA:
“With these guys and my personal taste is about as flat and representative to as what’s coming from the console, that’s what I want to come out of the PA. If I want it to be more rockish or edgier, I like to do that, or have it be smoother like when mixing Jazz, I like to do that. So I like something neutral, but that’s not to say I don’t love lots of good Sub-bass available. For these guys the vocal range needs to come on top as they do a lot of harmonies. Good coverage is important too, but the neutral sounding PA, is key.”

About mixing on a VUE PA:
“I thought it sounded great, I found myself not having to do a lot on this PA, so nice and smooth, I’d definitely be happy to see this PA again.”