al-12 unleashes full arsenal of class-leading VUE technologies for larger-scale applications, including Truextent® Beryllium compression drivers and Acoustic Linearity principles.

VUE Audiotechnik debuted the al-12, the newest and largest addition to the company’s successful al-Class of Scalable Line Array Systems, at InfoComm 2016. Designed for large-scale applications, the al-12 is designed for higher efficiency, increased power handling and reduced power compression. VUE incorporates unique, proprietary transducer designs in each al-Class acoustic line array element. Every individual component development project carefully weighs the design trade-offs, to optimize parameters for maximum output capability and heat dissipation, frequency response linearity, duty-cycle reliability, and minimum size and weight.

One of the distinguishing features of the al-12 is its ability to integrate with other al-Class elements thanks to VUE’s Acoustic Linearity principles. Redefining the concept of scalability, CST™ enables VUE al-Class line-array elements to function seamlessly in the same coherent, symmetrical line source array from the largest system at the top of the array to the smallest elements hung at the bottom of the array. Acoustic Linearity in the al-12 is supported by VUE’s CST™ (Continuous Source Topology™) as established in proprietary high-frequency waveguides in previous al-Class models.


Atlas Genius from Australia Performs at the Miner Family Winery Stage at Bottlerock in Napa, CA. This was first official public outing with the VUE al-12 system accompanied by the brand new self-powered VUE hs-221 subwoofers.

For VUE, the ongoing search for improved performance drives continuous innovations in the areas of advanced materials for magnets and cones, improved heat-transfer mechanisms to reduce power compression, and refined geometry for phase plugs and exit apertures in compression drivers used to deliver high frequency program content, this is apparent in all al-Class Line Array models.

Each of the al-12 drivers was designed from the ground up for higher efficiency increased power handling and reduced power compression. High-frequency reproduction in the al-12 is handled by two three-inch, 1.4-exit compression drivers utilizing VUE’s proprietary Truextent® beryllium diaphragms. Beryllium has an extremely high stiffness-to-mass ratio, significantly reducing mechanical deformation under stress. This enables the HF driver to achieve an additional octave of useful, non-resonant high-frequency energy — a performance level not obtainable using aluminum or titanium diaphragms — as found in other systems.

“The newly designed phase plug and three-inch beryllium diaphragm combine to provide excellent high frequency clarity while reducing overall harmonic content by some 50%,” explains Michael Adams, VUE Design Chief. “The results can be heard in the detail and subtle articulation of the voice, instruments and effects, which are often lost due to frequency masking caused by non-linear diaphragm motions in competitors systems.”

Two 12-inch low-frequency drivers with Neodymium magnet assemblies flank six midrange Neo drivers, constructed with Kevlar cones. The HF and MF drivers complement the al-12’s expanded LF output while remaining true to the Acoustic Linearity design principles in the al-4 and al-8 systems. This enables the systems to work together to form a true symmetrical line source with unmatched definition and smooth coverage throughout the full frequency range when arrayed together.

8x al-12 + al-12fb+ al-12ufb + 4x al-8 + al-8ufb + 2x al-4_perspective_with Logos

An al-12, al-8 and al-4 Combination Array with all high-frequency waveguides incorporating VUE’s CST™ Technology.


The popular portable systems specified for touring utilize a safe and accurate suspension hardware design, and the al-12 excels in this department. It features a suspension system that is intuitive to assemble and easy to use and maintain. The hardware features 16x half-degree increments, permitting more accurate coverage control whether in a flown or ground-stacked configuration. The al-12’s cabinet is constructed from multi-ply birch which has been finished with VUE’s Dura-Coat finish, ensuring that the line array retains its road-worthy high-quality exterior for years to come.

The al-12 is powered using the new VUEDrive V3 Systems Engine, which delivers 9,000 watts total burst power all channels, with 1600 watts sine wave per channel to the low- and mid-frequency drivers, and 500 watts sine wave per channel to the high-frequency drivers. The VUEDriver V3 provides integrated Digital Signal Processing for comprehensive loudspeaker management, factory-programmed array element configuration functions, network remote capabilities, analogue, AES digital and Dante network audio along user-definable input EQ and delay to fulfil the needs of every application.

Every al-Class element is compatible with VUEPoint beam steering technology, allowing for subtle improvements beyond the capabilities of an out-of-the-box system. This can provide an additional tool in your toolbox, to achieve smooth coherent coverage. VUEPoint Beam Steering expands control of array coverage pattern, enabling consistent SPL throughout the spectator area. This keeps the sound focused solely on the audience.

For more information on the technology in the al-Class download: THE ACOUSTIC LINEARITY White Paper