A New VUE for Neue Heimat – Berlin


Jazzy_Berlin_nov_frontSince its opening this past August the new location Neue Heimat at the RAW (the former train repair station turned party village) grounds at Revaler Straße in Friedrichshain has been pretty much the talk of the town with its amazing street food market and . The trans­form an old railway plant into an urban space for con­certs, street food and hap­pen­ings of diverse nature is amazing. The space is just really fun to hang out, versatile in its design and so much space to sit and enjoy the delicious food which is really an advantage to some of the other street food markets.

cu-IMG_5638But Neue Heimat is not just about street food. They have added VUE powered Techno/EDM enhanced ice skating rink and Jazz / Music Room along with Bars and Design markets.

For a little Xmas adventure they are expanding again: Entirely new areas will be part of HOLY HOME, more than 30 street food stalls, skating rink, performances, theater performances, concerts and parties …


new-years-heimat-1VUE speakers are installed though out the venues including a very high definition system in the Music Room.  The unique layout of the room resulted in a very unique system configuration: the front of the stage is covered by a pair of h-15’s flow directly above each side of the of the stage.  As the “stage area” is open on all sides with seating 360 degrees around , each side of the stage has a pair of h-8 handing above the stage.  The rear of the room fills in the mid and highs with a pair of i-2×4.5 systems. A pair of hs-28 ACM subwoofers provides full output through out the room down to 35 Hz.  Here are a few pictures of the Music Room:




The new Ice Skating Hall has a live DJ playing through a system with a combination of a-15’s and a-10’s supported with 4 as-215 subwoofers.