al-12sb dual 18-inch flyable subwoofer


  • Integrated rigging using the same flybar as the al-12, allows al-12SB systems to be flown above or along side of the al-12 acoustic elements arrays, as well as in a stand-alone flown low frequency array.
  • Skids and versatile hardware allow for easy ground stacking. The al-12SB is 1.5x’s the height of the al-12. Versatile integrated flying hardware and fly bars allow the easy assembly of ground stacked and flown arrays for maximum flexibility.
  • Optimal performance is achieved when used with V Series Systems Engines.


    The al-12SB is a subwoofer designed specifically for use with the al-12 Line Array System. The al-12SB provides high output low frequency response from a compact and easily flyable package. When combined with an al-12 line array system, the al-12SB extends powerful and well defined low frequency reproduction down to below 35 Hz. The al-12SB can be used in flown arrays along with additional ground stacked VUE subwoofers for applications requiring impressive low frequency output (including large Dance Music events and Reggae).

    The current al-12SB is designed to be flown as an array and supports flying cardioid configuration. The al-12SB can be ground stacked with the al-12 three-way full range elements, as well as be flown together in a single array using two transition links with the current al-12SBFB (fly bar).

    The system consists of a new 5” voice coil. This allows for some visual symmetry between flown arrays of al-12’s and al-12SB’s as well as providing enough enclosure volume for the woofer to produce solid bass response. The rigging is a four-point symmetrical configuration which facilitates the al-12SB’s to be flown in a back-to-front pattern creating a cardioid bass arrangement. For neat cabling solutions, a front input panel is located opposite the VUE logo to connect the reversed enclosure at the rear of the array.

    The fly beam design, which the al-12 and al-12SBs both use, facilitates the flying of the new sub enclosures and can also be used to fly arrays of al-12’s. Ground stacking on the sub enclosure can also be used, as well as flying an array of al-12’s underneath the sub enclosures. To maximize flexibility, new down attachments were created to connect the al-12’s to both the bottom of an al-12SB enclosure.
    Download the al-12sb datasheet