Michael Adams


VUE Audiotechnik lost our visionary design engineer on April 11, 2023. A skilled engineer whose design talents balance science with a practical, real-world approach, Michael honed his skills for nearly four decades as a FOH/Monitor engineer and system designer.

In 1973 he joined Silverfish Audio, which later became Sound Image. His designs helped shape Sound Image and the entire concert industry. He spent years on the road as an in-demand FOH and monitor engineer for artists such as Jimmy Buffett, Jackson Browne, and Emmylou Harris. Michael was also co-founder of Audio Composite Engineering (ACE) a division of Sound Image, playing key roles in the development of some of the most successful loudspeaker systems in use today, including  JBL, Yamaha, QSC, and VUE Audiotechnik. His solid grasp of acoustical science was balanced by intimate, first-hand knowledge of real-world conditions.

With the rigors of the road as his proving ground, Michael’s unique designs and aggressive testing methodologies have been honed in ways that a laboratory alone could never recreate. His rare combination of technical expertise and real-world savvy made Michael one of the industry’s most sought-after collaborators, and his influence will be heard for many years to come. He was awarded several patents for composite loudspeakers and horn technologies. Michael relocated to Prescott, AZ a few years ago and although semi-retired, he had remained a consultant for VUE Audiotechnik.

Michael passed away peacefully on April 11, 2023. As word of his passing spread throughout the industry, many have commented on his passion and devotion to the industry. He will be greatly missed by family and friends. He is survived by his wife Roxanne and daughter Kelsey.


Mike Adams early VUE ACM and Isobaric Design Meeting

Touring 1970’s-1980’s

Mike Adams collaborative design projects with other loudspeaker manufactures


Touring with Jimmy Buffet – Sound Image