Alignarray is a Laser Inclinometer for use to precisely aim line arrays systems. The inclinometer shows the angle of the array with .01 degree accuracy, enabling you to confirm that the actual array hang matches modeling data. The high power green laser provides visual confirmation of where the top of an array is pointed.

The unit can be easily attached to al-4, al-8 or al-12 flybar. Alignarray is Powered Over Ethernet (POE), and is accessible via any web browser on the same subnetwork. Multiple Alignarray units can be monitored simultaneously on a network by simply giving each Alignarray unit a unique user assigned IP address.

The Alignarrray 3 is the most advanced laser/inclinometer system

  • Accessible via a webpage on computer or smart device
  • Laser blink function offers improved viewing
  • Improved Inclinometer accurate to one-tenth of one degree
  • Updated Powerful for greater accuracy
  • Management Functions:
    Address Units,
    Update Firmware
  • Innovative network design
  • Power over Ethernet
  • User-defined IP addressable
  • Updated Neutrik RJ45
  • Laser timeout function for longer laser life
  • Buttons on unit offer Laser On and Reset functions
  • The unit can be mounted in any orientation
  • The same convenient mounting pattern as older Alignarray units
  • No reader required (Web via Ethernet or Optional POE Reader)
  • Simple easy user serviceable

Powered over Ethernet means no batteries, plug a unit into an existing or unique network and easily access your devices.

Simply access “Alignarray” via any web browser on your Mac or Windows computer and iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Turn your laser on / off. Read the incline accurately regardless of orientation.

A Blinking laser can be easier to detect. Set desired blink rate and laser timeout.

Management Functions allow access to a password protected page which includes your ability to set a unique IP address for your device, update the firmware, set passwords and service functions.


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