VUE Audiotechnik is pleased to announce that Rockin Robin Productions, a Cleveland, OH-based company that provides sound reinforcement for small to medium sized fairs, festivals, and corporate events, has joined the growing number of companies featuring VUE’s high-end h-Class and al-Class loudspeaker systems as their A inventory. Rockin Robin Productions expands the existing VUE partners network joining Above Sound and All Access in promoting VUE throughout the Ohio region.

“With VUE, hearing is believing,” says Doug Secor, owner of Rockin Robin Productions. “We have a reputation for supplying our clients with the best sounding speakers. VUE helps us meet that goal every time we feature them at an event.”

After hearing VUE’s al-4s at the Bell Events stage at the Winter NAMM tradeshow in January of this year, Secor was certain he had to add the system to his lineup due to the sound quality and adaptability of the system.

“Much of our business comes in providing audio support for ballrooms, theaters and outdoor venues,” continues Secor. “Not only do we have to set up less equipment, but VUE has designed its products so that the set up is extremely easy. Having less weight to carry around, spending less time setting up the system and achieving better coverage makes VUE the best choice for us.”

With the versatility of the venues and acts that Rockin Robin caters to, they need a line-array system that can cover a range of performances. Secor notes that it seems no matter what is playing through their new system, “We always achieve a crisp and clear sound.”

Secor is not surprised with the frequent compliments customers pay him. “Anyone who has heard our system in action is impressed. It is no wonder VUE has stepped into the audio market and risen so quickly,” adds Secor.

Rockin Robin was founded as a karaoke and DJ company and in the last six years has grown into a viable sound reinforcement company in the region. Rockin Robin has further solidified the company’s reputation for providing the latest audio equipment for the area’s many events by claiming recent acts such as the Celtics Festival featuring The Gothard Sisters, Bobbie Vinton, The Letterman, and The Texas Tenors from America’s Got Talent.

The Texas Tenors perform with Rockin Robin's al-4 system

The Texas Tenors perform with Rockin Robin’s al-4 system