VUE e-Class Speakers Become Part of Historic Luxury Yacht in Istanbul

E-Class speakers to entertain VIP guests aboard the historic Halas 71 in Turkey

March 26, 2020, Istanbul, Turkey

All aboard the Halas 71 luxury coastal cruiser that has entertained VIP guests including members of the British Royal Family and former US Presidents. The vessel’s history dates back to the final years of the Ottoman Empire and the founding of the Turkish Republic. She was seized by the British and finally returned to Turkish waters at the end of WWI but utilized by the British as Allied Headquarters. The British returned control back to Turkey in 1923 where it was renamed Halas, which means deliverance. It was a passenger ferry for decades until it was renovated in the 80s as a luxury cruiser with cabins and again remodeled in 2008 with a total of 12 guest cabins.

Modern Elektronik in Istanbul, had the task of installing a high-end sound system onboard the luxury ship. VUE’s e-class had already proven to be an excellent architectural loudspeaker solution as Modern Elektronik had prior success installing VUE speakers in 2 other properties. Kerem Sahin of Modern Elektronik spelled out the main goal for the Halas 71 project. “The main idea in this project was to not occupy a lot of space while providing the most output”

To accomplish their goals, over a dozen e-351s were discretely installed throughout the yacht. The slightly larger e-352s were installed in the larger spaces and four is-12 compact subwoofers provide the low frequencies without compromising a great deal of space. V242 VUEDrive engines power the entire system. The current function of the ship is to host special events as well as act as a boutique hotel. Halas 71 will be in Bosphorus during winter months and travel down south to Bodrum in the summer with visits to Greek islands like Simi and Patmos. Guests will now enjoy music through the ultra-fidelity of the Halas 71’s new  VUE e-class loudspeakers.

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