VUE Wraps the Italian Summer Festival Season at Indiegeno

al-Class system gives Sinergie a key competitive edge in Italian summer festival circuit

January 17, 2018 — Escondido, Ca.

From August 4-10, 2017, the village of Patti, Italy played host to the end-of-summer music festival, Indiegeno. The fourth-annual event was held across six breathtaking venues including the historic Patti square, several beaches, the nature reserve of Marinello, and the ancient Greek theater of Tindari. Notable performers included Carmen Consoli, Brunori SAS, Niccolò Fabi, Ex-Otago, Boosta and many new names from the Italian Indie-Rock scene. Sinergie Group deployed an all-VUE audio system, featuring the al-Class scalable line array system, to deliver pristine audio across the vastly different and challenging collection of venues.

According to Sinergie’s Livio Spallino, the festival was a great example of how VUE provides Sinergie with a competitive edge and has helped make them the go-to sound company on the Italian music festival circuit. “The Indiegeno Festival was essentially 6 live venues packaged into one festival. With each new day, we had to design a system with diffusion suitable for particular circumstances ranging from squares in ancient villages to nature reserves and beaches. Thanks to Sinergie’s Rosario “Saro” Tinè as the Festival’s resident FOH engineer, and the flexibility and sonic character of VUE’s Continuous Source Topology, we were able to configure systems that delivered each and every night. With VUE in our arsenal, we know we can take on these sorts of complex projects and exceed client, and audience, expectations every single time.”

The first few days of the festival were held in the sand on the Marina di Patti coast. For this venue, Sinergie deployed al-8s and a ground stack of cardioid-configured al-8SBs per side. For a second beach-front stage at the Grotte di Mongiove, Sinergie deployed the same configuration, but with the al-8s flown. In the square inside the ancient village of Patti, Sinergie paid particular attention to the coverage given to nearby residences and businesses and chose the h-12 and h-15 top and an al-8 sub on each side for the main, with a-12s as monitors. For the Marinello reserve with a seated audience of 2,000, a L / R configuration of hs-28 and h-15 per side achieved the objective of just slightly reinforcing the acoustic, almost mythical, performances.

The festival moved to the Greek Theater of Tindari for the 2 final days where the two headline artists performed. Since the venue’s and artist’s needs were dramatically different, Sinergie deployed a venue-shaking system comprised of 12 al-12s, 8 as-418s and h-15s (for front-fill) plus 8 al-8 and 6 al-8SB subwoofers in cardioid configuration as out-fill – all ground stacked since the stage was about 20 meters below the level of the last ring of audience stalls. Meanwhile, a-12 wedges provided monitor support, while hs-28s plus h-12s served as side-fills, and an hs-28 provided drum-fill.

According to visiting FOH engineers, the VUE systems were every bit as spectacular as the venues’ settings:

“Wow, intelligibility and coverage were outstanding” — Taketo Gohara, Brunori SAS FOH engineer

“I didn’t think it was possible that the sound could be as incredible as the venue — but the VUE system delivered as flawless a performance as the sunset” — Lorenzo Patellani Ex-Otago FOH engineer

About Sinergie
Sinergie Group has been a leader in the design and supply of high-profile events and trade shows as well as offering audio, lighting and video services with technical assistance. The company recently started building up their new distribution business and is actively working to expand its network of contractors and hire companies throughout Italy. In the short term, the company sales team is expected to grow to over 20 regional audio trade professionals who will be holding demos throughout the country helping to increase VUE loudspeaker visibility and promote the pristine sound quality VUE has become known for.


“I didn’t think it was possible that the sound could be as incredible as the venue — but the VUE system delivered as flawless a performance as the sunset”

Lorenzo Patellani Ex-Otago FOH engineer

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