K-Pop queen Baek Z Young Enjoys VUE at NYC’s Lincoln Center

Pop sensation Baek Z Young, aka Baek Ji-young, as she is better known at home in South Korea, made her U.S. debut at the end of August with shows on both coasts, including one at the famed Avery Fisher Hall at New York City’s Lincoln Center. There to supply the sound production was Genesis Technology, using the latest VUE Audiotechnik loudspeaker technologies.

Young, whose credits include 12 studio albums, Judge in the Korean version of “The Voice” reality show, and recipient of four of Korea’s MAMA’s (Mnet Asian Music Awards), is a bona fide superstar and accomplished performer. Her music was the first to mix Latin beats to K-Pop, and over the years through a journey into many musical styles within the K-pop realm, she has recently returned to her roots with her latest album “Flash Back.”Michael Yoo, a senior systems engineer for Virginia based audio integrators ‘Genesis Technology,’ was in charge of audio production, and chose VUE Audiotechnik speaker systems for the unique rhythms of Young’s US dates.

“The pressure was on us to deliver the best sounding show for her big overseas debut,” says Yoo. “Baek is well known for her smooth and amazing voice, so my first priority was to make sure everyone could hear her voice without any colorization.” With his previous experience using VUE Audiotechnik loudspeakers in permanent installations, and after calculating the audio needs for the Avery Fisher Hall using AMFG EASE focus data, Genesis Technology utilized VUE Audiotechnik loudspeaker systems throughout. The main system arrays consisted of 32 al-8 high-output line array elements, with eight ground stacked hs-28 ACM™dual 18″subwoofers in an end fire cardioid configuration extending the bottom end. Front fill was provided by al-4 acoustic elements on the stage lip. VUE Audiotechnik h-Class hm-112 wedges and h-12 high definition speakers were used on stage as monitors.

Young-IMG_4302“VUE speaker systems really bring out the human voice,” says Yoo. To attain such clarity, the al-8 Acoustic Element features a pair of very high power 3″ coil,  8″ LF drivers which flank four 4″, Kevlar-coned Neodymium mid-range transducers. The MF units are outfitted with VUE’s unique lateral acoustic shades that acoustically move the drivers closer together to optimize directivity at crossover. For the HF, the al-8 utilizes a pair of neodymium compression drivers with Truextent® beryllium diaphragms. The symmetrical alignment of the waveguide and drivers reduces acoustic lobing, and provides ideal horizontal consistency. The al-8s are powered by V6 Systems Engines with integrated networking capabilities allowing control and monitoring with the intuitive SystemVUE software.

avery-people-IMG_4194-2The VUE’s hs-28 is a dual 18″ ACM™ subwoofer systems were deployed on each side of the stage. The subs were stacked in a two high by two deep directional array. SystemVUE controlled built in dsp was used to align the array providing more than 12 dB of rear rejection at 63 Hz while increasing SPL in the hall. Each hs-18 utilizes a pair of custom dual spider long-excursion 4″ voice coil 18-in woofers and, 830 watts of pure sine wave power (2000W rms Burst) to each woofer. VUE’s unique ACM (Active Compliance Management) design allows for a very compact enclosure reducing sightline issues, while increasing low frequency output and lowering distortion, thus improving definition.

Baek Z Young Monitors_full sizeThe monitor rig for Baek Z Young was made up of h-Class hm-112 wedge monitors augmented with h-12 high definition trapezoid systems. Both units utilize the same precision-engineered, 12″ LF transducer and proprietary horn-loaded 4″ Neodymium HF compression driver with Truextent® beryllium diaphragm. Beryllium is known for its far superior performance over titanium or aluminum designs, resulting in dramatic improvements in HF extension and response linearity.

The show was well received by the management and media present: “Everyone, including Korean newspapers and TV, complimented her powerful voice,” says Yoo of Baek Z Young’s performance. “The producer was very happy with the sound, and VUE played a very important role in the success of the show.”


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