VUE al-Class demo turns heads at LDI show in Las Vegas

VUE’s al-Class impresses at the LDI show

December 3, 2019, — Las Vegas, NV

Traditionally, LDI is a trade show focused on stage lighting, video walls and projection. In the last few years, with a number of companies including audio under their full-stage services, LDI has begun to include audio as a part of the Live Design experience.

In 2018, LDI had made use of outdoor parking lots to demo loudspeakers. This year’s show brought the demo indoors. Thankfully, the indoor decision worked out well as Las Vegas experienced a hefty amount of rain during the days leading up to LDI. Setting up a line array in the rain would not have been ideal.

VUE Audio’s local Vegas rental partner, H.A.S. Productions, was very instrumental in providing the al-8, al-4 and hs-221 demo rigs along with a pair of h-208s. LDI provided lifts with a weight limit of 650 lbs. VUE’s Sales Engineer, Brandon Rinas, created the optimal weight-to-room rig by building test models in EASE Focus. H.A.S. Productions’ Greg Fitzpatrick and Danny Buss provided their rigging expertise to get the proper hardware, power and audio connections. VUE’s VP of sales, Sara Elliott, recruited Jeff Taylor and Todd Shaffer to  assist in the al-Class rigging, refine the tuning of the arrays and conduct the demonstrations during the show. Both Taylor and Shaffer selected audio that would impress and work well in the room. The VUE team complimented each other well and the set-up came together timely despite weather delaying some flights and deliveries.

The loudspeaker demos took place in the same room as the Technology Breakfast. Once the breakfast presentations were complete, VUE along with 3 other manufacturers, adhered to a set schedule of 15 minute demos. LDI provided massive screens and video projectors around the room for use during the demo/presentations. VUE Audio made use of the video screens and provided to-the-point information about the company history, key staff, and the technology behind ACM subwoofers and Beryllium HF drivers.

The demo opened with music played through a pair of h-208s mounted on stands. Many in attendance were astounded at the clarity, throw and low-end response from such a compact loudspeaker. Some even walked up to the hs-221 subs to make sure they were NOT on during the h-208 demo.

The al-8 and al-4 stereo arrays were put through their paces with a variety of musical genres. Our staff made careful selections to showcase various instruments and both male and female vocals. And let’s not forget R&B and hip hop selections to pump those hs-221 subs. The six hs-221 subs were positioned in a cardioid configuration. This provided tighter control with a rear cancelling effect that listeners were invited to experience.

When everyone else was throwing in the towel on Saturday evening, VUE’s Jerry Colmenero, brought in over a dozen representatives from Mexico for an after hours private demo and presentation. Everyone was clearly impressed with the al-Class performance. VP of sales, Sara Elliott along with Sales Engineer Jon Garner were at VUE’s downstairs booth to greet and receive praise for the al-Class demo. There was no shortage of great comments and interest from attendees.

During the Saturday Technology Breakfast presentation, attendees were entered into a giveaway. Taras Bohonok was the lucky recipient of a free pair of VUE Audio i-Class speakers. With LDI wrapped up, VUE’s crew is now focused on preparing for NAMM 2020 which is just a few weeks away.