VUE China Powers “MY GIRL” Event with Chen Linong at Beijing National Olympic Sports Center

Beijing “Idol Trainee” Boy Band Concert Marks Continued Growth for VUE in Mainland Live Sound Market

December 7th, 2018 – Beijing, China

Demand for the VUE al-Class line array system in Mainland China continues to keep pace with the brand’s increasingly strong foothold in the worldwide touring and live sound market. And on October 3rd, tens of thousands of Chinese teens experienced the system first hand at a live performance by online reality show “Idol Trainee” second-place winner Chen Linong, and his boy band, NINE PERCENT. Linong gained overnight fame after attracting more than 9.5 million followers during his Idol Trainee competition hosted iQiyi [NASDAQ: IQ], one of the world’s largest online video sites, with more than 500 million monthly active users and content licensing agreements with Netflix.

Shanghai-based VUE China provided audio services for the “MY GIRL” concert, which doubled as Linong’s 18th-birthday celebration, at the Beijing National Olympic Sports Center. The VUE team deployed an al-Class line array system including 24x al-12s hung 12x per side on the main stage, 12x hs-221 subwoofers ground-stacked in a line along the front of the stage with four stacks of two al-8SB subwoofers, two stacks per side; 8x al-8s as front fills stacked two high and spread in four stacks across the front of the stage; and 4x al-8 on each side of the stage provide side fill. Rack-mount VUEDrive V3, V4 and V6 Series Systems Engines provided all power and processing for the arrays.

According to Mr. Gu, President of VUE China, the concert gave an entirely new segment of the burgeoning Chinese live music market, and budding performers, a taste of VUE’s world-class sonic performance. “Idol Trainee, and the talent and fans it spawns, are the key to the future of Chinese pop culture and the markets it creates,” explained Gu. “We were honored to provide audio services to the event and were thrilled to receive much positive feedback on the VUE rig’s clarity, coverage, and ease-of-setup.”