NAMM 2015 Booth 6464


NAMM-Sun-Glasses-wallpapers-ri-3Come see the VUE at the 2015 NAMM Show in Anaheim, January 22-25, booth 6464.

al-8-sbpsy-art-248885-small-veryal Class sales are on fire in the US, we have shipped more than 500 units last quarter alone. To throw a little gas on the fire we’re adding the al-8SB subwoofers to keep the VUE line array bandwagon rolling.


h-5-left-ront-IMG_6420finalDemand is snowballing for the h-8 and hs-20, introduced last year at NAMM. This year we have the new h-5 expanding the h Class.


See & Hear  h-12, hm-112 and hs-25’s at ESP GUITARS – NAMM Demo Room: 212-2 & 213D (Level 2)

Thursday & Friday
ESP-perfomrnace-ImageSyu is a guitarist in the Japanese power metal band Galneryus.

Frank Bello. Frank is the bass player for the renowned metal band Anthrax, and will be performing on his Signature Series ESP and LTD basses.

Alex Skolnick is the highly-respected guitarist of metal band Testament, and also performs as a jazz artist in his Alex Skolnick Trio.
George Lynch is a legendary rock/metal guitarist, known for his time in Dokken as well as his current bands, Lynch Mob and KXM.
Javier Reyes is a guitarist in the acclaimed progressive metal band Animals
Gary Holt – Widely credited as “the godfather of thrash metal”, Gary is a member of two legendary bands: Exodus and Slayer.
Banner_on_speaker_NAMM_al-class-smallMarco Mendoza is a world-renowned rock bassist, having spent time with bands including Thin Lizzy, Ted Nugent, Whitesnake, Lynch Mob, and his current band, The Dead Daisies.
Jason Charles Miller is a guitarist and singer-songwriter whose style span from country through industrial rock.
Francesco Fareri – This highly-respected guitarist has come from Italy to perform at NAMM 2015. His technical chops and innovative playing will be a pleasure for all who see his impressive shredding.
Eric “Erock” Calderone became a sensation over the last few years with his performances on YouTube, which have been viewed tens of millions of times.
Luis Kalil. Only 15 years old, Luis is a Brazilian guitarist making his NAMM Show debut with his impressive shredding!

Hear the al-4 subcompact line array system with hs-28 subs at NAMM’s Center Stage:


January 22, 2015

11:00am  |  Cuicani  |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage
12:00pm  |  Shawn Michael Perry  |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage
1:00pm  |  Michaela Page & Dan Spitz  |  CenterStage
2:00pm  |  Dhara World Music Quartet |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage
3:00pm  |  Xolie Morra & The Strange Kind  |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage
4:00pm  |  Gus Campbell  |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage

January 23, 2015

11:00am  |  Coleidoscope  |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage
12:00pm  |  Jon Hammond Funk Unit  |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage
1:00pm  |  BONDURANT  |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage
2:00pm  |  Tony Newton TNT XTREME  |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage
3:00pm  |  Kira Hooks  |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage
4:00pm  |  Get A Life Marching Band  |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage

January 24, 2015

11:00am  |  channel  |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage
12:00pm  |  Blue Rubies  |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage
1:00pm  |  Johnny Oskam |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage
2:00pm  |  The Vignatis  |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage
3:00pm  |  CRAIG YAREMKO ORGAN TRIO  |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage
4:00pm  |  Clive Farrington Original Lead Singer for When In Rome  |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage

January 25, 2015

11:00am  |  Raspin Stuwart  |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage
12:00pm  |  ELEVATOR_  |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage
1:00pm  |  Felix Martin  |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage
2:00pm  |  Shari Puorto Band  |  Anaheim C.C., CenterStage
3:00pm  |  Dan Krikorian  |  CenterStage