NE Training September 20, 21 & 24, 2018

Thursday, September 20, Friday, September 21, and Monday, September 24, please join us in Canton, MA to hear and learn about VUE’s comprehensive range of unique loudspeaker systems.

VUE’s Technical Sales Engineer Greg will be on hand to host the demo/training. This is a rare opportunity to hear the clarity and detail of VUE’s Beryllium based systems in High Outputs Inc.’s large (7600 square foot) studio A environment. The studio is unique in that it is both an acoustically neutral room while being large enough to listen/evaluate larger flying arrays.

In addition to being able to critical listen/evaluate a broad range of VUE’s loudspeaker systems, we will have a fully operational SystemVUE network for software training and along with EASE Focus modeling software for training on the design and use of VUE’s al-Class line array and h-Class Ultra-Definition powered systems in both fixed and portable applications.

The program includes an overview of VUE’s product range including an opportunity for critical listening and evaluation of systems from our a-Class advanced passive speakers up to our al-Class line array systems, and hands-on experience of full network control of h-Class and al-class systems over ethernet using SystemVUE software (available on MacOS / Windows/ iOS).

Greg will also present fundamental knowledge relating to VUE’s advanced technology including ACM subwoofers, Beryllium HF diaphragms, Dante network audio distribution and Acoustic Linearity / Continous Source Topology. An introduction to practical techniques for the configuration and operation of directional subwoofer arrays and the use of EASE Focus for aiming and coverage mapping will also be covered.

The presentation is useful for any user, designer, technician or engineer wanting to specify or work with VUE Systems or simply to hear how VUE is advancing professional loudspeaker performance.

Training and demos will be scheduled over the three days, please use the registration form and include your preferences for product range and training topics in the comments so we can schedule accordingly. A confirmation email will be sent to confirm your appointment and preferred topic.

The complete range of al-Class Acoustic Linearity Line Array systems will be on flown (including al-12 dual 12-inch large format, al-8 dual 8-inch medium format, and the al-4 dual 4-inch sub-compact systems) and available for critical listening and evaluation along with a working demo of our SystemVUE network control and Dante audio distribution streams. The al-Class’s beryllium high-frequency drivers is a key in their becoming the new standard worldwide for high-performance line arrays in touring concerts, theaters, and houses of worship applications.

VUE’s “Flagship” range of ultra-definition powered h-Class systems will be well represented including the newest members:

h-208 High Output Low Profile system very low profile dual 8-inch system featuring a large format beryllium compression driver for unmatched high-frequency bandwidth and clarity.

hm-108A Very Compact High Definition Stage Monitor System with built-in VUEDrive amplifier ideal for foldback applications requiring absolute fidelity form a small package.

hs-221 Infrasonic Dual 21-inch  ACM™ Subwoofer with tons of low-frequency output to below 20 Hz without sacrificing transient or musical definition

This will also be the New England premiere of VUE’s new e-Class Nano Speakers. The new e-Class Architectural Element Systems are a unique range of products designed for installation applications that establish a new paradigm that will change sound designers basic assumptions about the size, look and the performance of compact loudspeakers.

The new ultra-compact e-351 high definition Nano Loudspeaker with car key for fob for size reference

Demo Location:
High Output Inc. Studio A
495 Turnpike Street
Canton, MA 02021

You will also be able to see/hear a High Output provided al-12 Acoustic Linearity System at The 2018 Forbes Under 30 Summit In Boston:

Demo Location:
High Output Inc. Studio A
495 Turnpike Street
Canton, MA 02021

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