VUE Specified For OESC Coral Sea Room Upgrade In Australia


Established in March 1954, the Orange Ex-Services’ Club (OESC) is a premier club destination for residents of Orange and New South Wales, supporting local community projects, offering affordable sporting activities to residents and providing numerous forms of musical entertainment. When OESC refurbished its Coral Sea Room, an old PA system was removed and replaced with VUE Audiotechnik al-4 Subcompact Line Array Systems paired with an as-215 Dual 15-inch Vented Subwoofer and a V4 Systems Engine. The system was installed by Colton Computer Technologies (CCT), IT consultants that design and deploy specialty systems.

“Part of the design process was taking into account the acoustics of the room,” says Dane Morgan, technical director, Colton Computer Technologies. “The Coral Sea Room is a large hall lacking even coverage from front to back, so the new system had to be capable of delivering high-quality, intelligible audio for all of the potential audience members. Aesthetics were also a high concern, as the room was being completely renovated for rebranding. The sound system had to look neat and inconspicuous, yet still deliver high-end results.”

The Coral Sea Room is a multi-function, 400-person capacity, cabaret-style room capable of hosting events as diverse as weddings, gala dinners, corporate events and musical shows. The existing PA system consisted of a set of double-15 and horn cabinets placed in the corners of the room on ledges. Originally this system was fed from a small mixer in a remote booth. CCT replaced the existing system with an Apart AUDIOCONTROL 12.8 DSP-powered audio matrix mixer, integrating microphone and line-level inputs from the stage.

“The system was scoped as a speech and playback PA for the Coral Sea Room, with the potential that it could be used for performances by duos and trios,” adds Morgan. “VUE equipment was used in conjunction with the Apart systems equipment for drive.”

VUE’s al-4 is a Scalable Line Array speaker, multiples of which can be used to create virtually seamless vertical arrays. Each al-4 cabinet houses dual four-inch Kevlar woofers plus VUE’s proprietary Truextent® beryllium-diaphragm, high-frequency compression driver. The combination of drivers enables the al-4 to provide smooth response across a frequency range from 100 to 18 kHz, +/- 2.5 dB. The Truextent’s beryllium-diaphragm possesses an extremely high stiffness-to-mass ratio. This yields piston-like motion, dramatically reducing mechanical breakup of the diaphragm and moving resonant frequencies well above the audible range.

VUE’s as-215 is a perfect cost-effective complement to the al-4s. Employing two 15-inch low-frequency transducers with four-inch voice coils, the as-215 easily handles 1200 watts of program power at a maximum long-term output level of 128 dB SPL. Constructed from multiple, cross-grain laminated birch, the as-215’s bass reflex enclosure generates low-frequency sinewave down to 38 Hz.

Audio output from the matrix mixer is sent to a VUE V4 Systems Engine powering and providing DSP and networking capabilities to the al-4s.

As part of the installation, Morgan took advantage of the al-4’s optional rigging hardware and flybar, which can support up to 16 al-4 cabinets. “The largest challenge with the room was establishing rigging points and rigging heights for the boxes,” he reveals. “Thankfully, weight was not an issue and a single-point pickup was sufficient for angling of the al-4 boxes. The al-4 cabinet weighs in at only 18 pounds, so each array of four elements presented a relatively lightweight load of 72 pounds plus the weight of the rigging hardware itself.”

“Finding a place to hide the VUE as-215 subwoofer was also an interesting challenge,” continues Morgan. “There was originally, an existing powered stage extension that had been decommissioned. But all the parts were still under the stage. We ended up mounting the as-215 on top of the stage extension carcass and cutting a hole out of the front of the stage. As it turns out, the size of the hole required for the as-215 was a perfect air-conditioning duct size, so the builders ultimately used one of those for the front grill of the sub.”

Since the new VUE PA system went online, Morgan has been very satisfied with the results.




“Since sign-off, there have been no complaints as to the intelligibility or sound levels that the VUE PA system can produce,” he says. “CCT has been installing VUE for a few years now and we knew they’d be the right product for the job.”