Rick Camp demos VUE’s al-System in an arena setting

rick-Camp-at-the-console-in-OsakaJapan-1024x576Rick Camp, a veteran FOH Engineer (Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Chris Brown and others), landed on January 16th in Las Vegas’ Buffalo Bills “Star of the Desert” Arena for a one-on-one demo with local sound company H.A.S. Productions providing their brand new VUE Audiotechnik system for the occasion.

The sizable VUE rig was hung for Patti Labelle’s performance, and prior to punters descending on the arena, Camp took the time to thoroughly test drive the system with his own protools rig with J-Lo’s 2012 World Tour live track recordings, and a H.A.S. provided Avid Profile console.

FOHmag1The system featured a full arena stereo hang with 24 al-8’s per side as the mains and 8 al-4’s per side as a side fills. Fourteen hs-28 dual 18-inch ACM Subwoofers were lined on the ground along the edge of the stage for low-end extension.

With so many boxes in the air, Camp proceed to cut some low frequency energy in the hanging system, -8dB at 80Hz to perfect a balance of lows, mids and highs. The high frequency energy in the VUE al-Class systems produces a warm and crystal clear vocal thanks to the company’s use of Beryllium diaphragms in their high frequency drivers. The complementary mids are delivered using world class 4-inch Neo-Kevlar transducers.

The system is powered by VUE’s proprietary V6 Systems engines which have onboard DSP and networking allowing full control of the flown system wirelessly any where in the venue. These engines allow full smooth transition between the al-8 mains system to the al-4 side fills, without any coloration. To sum-up the impression the VUE al-system left on Camp, he simply stated that “VUE’s al-8’s are an outstanding new concert speaker system that will revolutionize the industry sound as we know it.”

h-class hs-28 at Las Vegas’ Buffalo Bills “Star of the Desert” Arena Subwoofers

VUE V4 & V6 Systems Engines

Camp spearheaded Master Mix Live, a Las Vegas based school launched in 2013, which is devoted to training people in the art and science of live sound. mastermixlive-logo714The program is a 5-month course where students not only learn in a classroom setting but hands-on, real-world skills by interning with local casino’s and sound companies for 15 hours per week.