VUE Audiotechnik al-12 line array utilized by Big Time Affairs for music education fund raising events

MUSACK’s Rock-n’-Roll Carnival employs VUE al-12 line array, h-class subs and monitors.

February 22, 2022, Los Angeles, CA

Music education has become a vital endeavor as music programs get cut from public education. MUSACK began in 2009 to help provide teens the much-needed support to discover their voice in music. Writer/Producer Donick Cary (Letterman/Simpsons, Parks and Recreation) started MUSACK to raise funds for his hometown high school on Nantucket Island where teen suicides had escalated. Cary helped provide music lessons to help teens express themselves through music. The program has expanded to other schools in the USA and other territories.

The Rock-n’-Roll Carnival is an annual exclusive event organized to help raise funds for MUSACK’s teen programs. The 2022 line-up included Operation Ivey’s Tim Armstrong and Jesse Michaels, The Interrupters, The Specials and more. The Carnival took place on February 5th, 2022 outdoors at a large private residence in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles with Big Time Affairs hired to provide a full sound system for all performances. The DJs for the night spun through a couple of quad left-right clusters of VUE al-4 sub compact line-arrays. The main stage employed al-12 line-arrays with four hs-221 subwoofers. The side-fill was covered by al-8 line-array elements and hs-28 subs. A total of nine hm-115 monitors were utilized on stage to cover the various positions needed for each band. Mark Chinapen of Big Time Affairs LLC noted that “The artists were not familiar with the VUE systems but after hearing the system for the first time, they were very pleased with the clarity. The mix engineer reacted by saying the system was awesome.”

The Rock-n’-Roll Carnival helped to raise funds and provide the support for the teen music programs. To learn more about MUSACK programs visit Big Time Affairs can be reached at For more on VUE Audiotechnik systems visit

All photos courtesy of MUSAK.
Photographer: Sophia Callisto @ladymoonofjupiter

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