Sebastien Poux – Freelance FOH Engineer


Sebastien Poux has been in the Live Sound Industry for 11 years, and mixing for 6 years.

On the VUE system Rigging:
“This was my first experience on a VUE system. The angles are easily moved once rigged together, it actually rigged pretty fast.”

About his favorite PA’s:
“I am very sensitive to High Frequencies, I don’t like them – I like a well-tuned PA – right out of the box, and a PA that is very round at the edges”

About Mixing on the VUE System:
“(continued from above)– and I can hear that out of these boxes.”

“This is a good PA for an outdoor setting, but it’d be a GREAT system in an indoor setting. They perform really well and they do go down to a noticeable 70Hz. I’d love to be invited to hear when that (RUMORED) BIG box comes out.” Low-end (hs-28) is very balanced, the subs have a lot of meat…I would be happy to mix on this system again, it’s a really good PA.”

He was FOH & Systems Engineer for stage 3 at BottleRock 2015 Festival, frequently works with Delicate Productions & as a Freelance FOH Engineer