Sound Image Bay Area Takes The Stage with VUE

Sound Image expands into the San Francisco market with expanded VUE loudspeaker inventory

Escondido, Calif. — June 29, 2017

Escondido, California based Sound Image has expanded operations and set sights on a new location focused on Northern California. From audio, lighting, and video, to virtually everything in between, Sound Image Productions opened its Bay Area office in February, with a fully equipped toolbox including a complete inventory of audio solutions from VUE Audiotechnik. Sound Image’s President and CEO, Dave Shadoan appointed George Edwards as General Manager at the new facility.

“This is a very discerning and diverse market,” explained George. “But most of the local houses are highly specialized, and offer a very “us-too” audio selection. Our objective is to be different, with a fully modern audio toolbox, and a broad selection of production service for anything from a corporate event to a full-scale concert system. Plus, with the Sound Image name, customers know that we have the experience and resources to really deliver regardless of complexity.”

Understanding that versatility would allow the new Sound Image Productions office to ramp very quickly, Edwards equipped his team with a complete inventory of audio solutions from VUE Audiotechnik. Their toolbox includes VUE al-Class line arrays, a full selection of h-Class ultra high definition systems, both a-Class and i-Class families, as well as a bevy of VUEDrive systems engines. In short, the team has enough beryllium-infused, DSP-injected VUE horsepower to tackle the most demanding audiences regardless of size or venue.

“Prior to launching this office, I’d been working with VUE for nearly two years,” explained Edwards. “In terms of output and sound quality they’re really amazing, and the fact that you can easily combine different models to tackle unique coverage challenges, while maintaining a very consistent voice, means we can easily cover a lot of ground with one line. The whole line is just really versatile.”

The Sound Image Bay Area team is wasting no time putting their new inventory to work. Just four months into full operation, and they’re consistently logging multiple shows per week. Their growing list of satisfied customers includes some of the biggest names in the industry, top Fortune 100 companies, and San Francisco Bay Area influencers in business, science, and technology.

“Versatility is a real selling point for us,” added Morgan Pitman, Director of Production and Business Development. “That and the expectation of quality and support that comes with the Sound Image name. We’re deploying systems for everything from intimate corporate events, all the way up to full-scale concert scenarios. The VUE systems are at the center of it all.”

The Sound Image Bay Area team cites VUE’s pristine beryllium HF as a customer favorite, and VUE’s Continuous Source Topology (CST) and VUEDrive systems engines as practical, real-world product design that is helping to advance their business model. In short, CST allows different al-Class array elements to be seamlessly combined for optimal coverage and reduced weight without the disruptions associated with more conventional mixed element arrays, and the VUEDrive engines utilize powerful DSP and onboard presets to simplify setup and tuning.

“We get a ton of mileage out of the al-Class line arrays,” explained Audio Department Head Kyle Anderson. “The fact that we can deploy the al-4 in a small indoor space on one day, and the following day combine the same elements with the al-8 into a bigger overall system while maintaining a consistent voice is amazingly useful. I don’t know any other company that allows you to mix and match line array elements like that. With one inventory, we’re able to tackle a multitude of applications while easily optimizing everything from coverage, to sight lines and weight.”

With the summer concert season ramping up, Sound Image Bay Area is optimistic that their early momentum is unlikely to slow anytime soon.

“Word is getting out and we’re really hopping,” concluded Edwards. “We’re making it easy. People appreciate being able to make a single call, and have a team with national touring chops and resources at their disposal. By combining our talent and reputation with VUE’s versatility, we’re nimble and totally ready to tackle whatever the market brings our way.”

“the expectation of quality and support that comes with the Sound Image name. We’re deploying systems for everything from intimate corporate events, all the way up to full-scale concert scenarios. The VUE systems are at the center of it all.””

Morgan Pitman, Director of Production

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