VUE AUDIOTECHNIK为经典的盖茨比餐吧带来了现代的风格

追溯到那个社会政治发生巨大变革的时代,阳光布鲁克宴会厅诞生于“咆哮的二十年代”,是一个历史悠久的音乐场所和舞厅,也是少数二战前建立并仍在使用中的舞厅之一。盖茨比的餐厅、酒吧和休息室是这座位于賓西法尼亞州波茨敦市的历史性建筑的一部分,结合了独特的菜单、鸡尾酒手艺和现场娱乐。最近Sonic Sound公司负责将其老的音频系统替换成VUE Audiotechnik的i-系列优质集成系统。

VUE Audiotechnik Brings Modern Flair To Roaring 20’s Inspired Gatsby’s

Harkening back to an era of dramatic social and political change, The SunnyBrook Ballroom is a storied music venue and dance hall rooted in the Roaring Twenties and is one of the few dance halls built in the pre-World War II era that is still in use. Gatsby’s Restaurant, Bar & Lounge is part of the historic facility located in Pottstown, PA, combining a unique menu with craft cocktails and live entertainment. Recently the existing sound system was replaced with i-Class Superior Integrator Systems loudspeakers from VUE Audiotechnik, installed by Sonic Sound.