VUE Audiotechnik at Tonmeistertagung Cologne 2016


We are happy to announce that VUE Audiotechnik will have strong presence on this years Tonmeistertagung in Cologne.

For three days, 18th-20th of November, VUE will be the exclusive sound system supplier  in the main auditorium of the conference and show. The ‘Konrad Adenauer Saal’ will host all Live Sound events during the conference, including a live Big Band show on Saturday night, as well as the closing ceremony.

The VUE system design includes flown hybrid arrays of al-8/ al-4 scalable Acoustic Linearity elements with (CST™) along with groundstacked al-8SB subwoofers arrayed in cardioid directional low frequency arrays. The arrays will be driven by VUEDrive™  networked dsp/amplifier Systems Engines, with a variety of VUE’s h-Class & a-Class systems for fill and monitoring applications such as side-fill, drum monitors, and front-fills. 8 stage monitor mixes will feature High Output hm-Class wedge monitors.

VUE Audiotechnik will distribute copies the latest white paper:
VUE al-CLASS of Scalable Line Arrays: ACOUSTIC LINEARITY Developed at a Systems Engineering Level
along with german language overview with details on some of VUE´s proprietary technologies.


HOLGER KUNO DE BUHR CEO | VUE Audiotechnik Europa GmbH


VUE Audiotechnik’s European Manager Holger Kuno de Buhr will be present at the conference for all three days. He will be hosting a Question and Answer period in the ‘Konrad Adenauer Saal’ at the end of each day’s conference program. Holger can be contacted directly to arrange a meeting by phone or email.
Holger Kuno de Buhr’s contact information:
email :
phone +49-173-6111634