VUE Audiotechnik is pleased to introduce Distribuidora JC LO as its exclusive sales and support partner throughout Mexico. Led by CEO José Luis Olvera Ricaño, JC LO specializes in promoting high-quality audio equipment to the wide range of applications in the Mexican entertainment industry. JC LO will spotlight VUE as its leading loudspeaker brand, with sales support overseen by Ximena López Quiroz, the company’s VUE Product Line Manager.

“This is a great opportunity for us to distribute a high-performance speaker brand in Mexico,” says López Quiroz. “JC LO is not only pleased to represent VUE, but we are also dedicated to becoming an extension of the brand’s team of talented and well-respected professionals in the audio industry.”

Like VUE Audiotechnik, JC LO is very devoted to its customers’ needs, seeking to ensure they have the best possible products for achieving ideal acoustical results in their projects. “My years of experience working with Jim Sides [Executive Vice President of VUE Audiotechnik] have been exciting,” says Olvera Ricaño. “To have the opportunity to count other industry legends like Mike Adams —and the entire team of professionals at VUE — as our colleagues, is a great professional honor. We are equally committed to our integrator and rental customers, with a mandate to present them with high-quality, high-performance equipment at a competitive price. We appreciate VUE Audiotechnik’s confidence in Distribuidora JC LO’s abilities to bring a wide range of sound solutions and great customer service to the Mexican audio market.”

“I have known Jose Luis Olvera Ricaño since 1987, when we began working together on some significant projects in Mexico,” explains Jim Sides. “This new venture with JC LO represents the capstone of this long relationship, providing us with the opportunity to work together again, in a truly meaningful manner. The official launch of VUE Audiotechnik into the Mexican market with a dedicated distribution and support network is an opportunity for us to strategically expand into a market, which boasts numerous performing arts venues, hotels, clubs and outdoor tourist attractions. The large live event sector can also greatly benefit from VUE’s abilities to support the rich musical culture with power, clarity and transparency. I am thrilled that VUE will be represented in the Mexican market by the capable hands of José Luis and his team.”

More information about Distribuidora JC LO can be found by calling + 52 (55) 6732 1554 or emailing

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L to R: José Luis Olvera Ricaño , Ximena Lopez-Quiroz and Jerry Colmenero


L to R: Luis Octavio Olvera Orozco, Business Manager JC LO, Ximena Lopez-Quiroz JC LO VUE Product Manager, Dolores Orozco Alvarez Distribuidora JC LO CFO & Jose Luis Olvera JC LO CEO at a VUE training seminar earlier in the year.