VUE’s i-Class at FOH for The Doobie Brother’s Gary Hartung

gary-hartug-fullsizeGary Hartung is a pro audio veteran in the truest sense. For more than two decades he’s worked for one of the world’s most respected touring and installation sound companies. In that time he’s mixed sound for an impressive roster of talent including Crosby Stills & Nash, Pat Benatar, and Mary Chapin Carpenter. For the last six years Hartung has even added production manager to his resume—a role he balances with FOH duties for the Doobie Brothers.

Needless to say, Gary Hartung knows a thing or two about sound, so when it comes to audio gear, it’s safe to say he’s heard it all. Like most pro audio “gear heads,” Hartung prides himself on keeping up with the industry’s latest offerings. So when a recent opportunity allowed him to audition a pair of i-Class systems from VUE Audiotechnik, he was more than happy to lend a critical ear.

“I had been in the market for a new set of powered systems to use as reference monitors for the current Doobie Brothers tour,” explained Hartung. “I rely heavily on my monitors at the FOH position a critical reference point in challenging rooms.”

Hartung continued, “I’d heard a lot about VUE from friends in the industry. They spoke highly of VUE’s sound quality and consistent voicing. Plus I’ve worked closely with Mike Adams for nearly 20 years now and have tremendous respect for his design talents. I knew immediately that these speakers were worth a listen.”

Gary-Board-01After a quick telephone call, Hartung added a pair of VUE i-8a powered two-way systems to his arsenal. He also brought along a pair of i-6a powered systems for use when space was limited.

“Over the years I’ve tried countless different loudspeakers in this capacity and have never been truly satisfied until I plugged in the VUE’s,” Hartung remarked. “The i-8a’s are so powerful and smooth. They image perfectly and have an incredibly flat response—an essential quality for a monitor.”

Hartung keeps his i-Class systems handy at every show, and admits that they’re getting more and more use as time goes by.

“We’re planning to utilize virtual soundcheck more frequently on the Doobie Brothers tour in the coming months,” Hartung explained. “I really trust the i-8a’s, so I fully expect they’ll play an even greater role moving forward. In fact, I can’t imagine using anything other than the VUE’s from now on. They’re just smokin’!”

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