VUE Church Applications

Houses of worship

Many of today’s houses of worship have evolved to embrace high production capabilities including quality audio, video and broadcast technology rivaling a major live events venue. They require professional sonic performance as well as vocal clarity for the spoken word. VUE offers a wide variety of scalable, high definition systems capable of delivering music or speech to every member of the congregation, whether a mega-church seating 10,000 plus or a small congregation of a few hundred.

VUE’s team can provide design support from their extensive experience gained over hundreds of worship installations of all sizes and acoustic challenges. Our team works with a growing network of contractors and consultants to provide solutions that meet your worship style.

Application Examples

VUE  Helps Spread The Word At First Baptist Church Hendersonville

Replacing a 25-year-old sound system can be an enlightening experience, both literally and figuratively.  First Baptist Church was ready to provide its growing congregation with an immersive modern worship experience including a state-of-the-art sound system. VUE loudspeakers were chosen for the upgrade, with installation handled by video and audio consultant/designer Technical Innovation of Nashville, TN.

VUE loudspeaker arrays were installed on either side of the sanctuary, each consisting of ten al-8 Acoustic Linearity Systems and three al-8SB Subwoofer Systems flown in a cardioid configuration, for coverage of the main congregation area in the 2,200-capacity room. Eight al-4 Subcompact Line Array Systems for front fill were placed on the floor at the lip of the stage. The al-4’s controlled dispersion enables the front rows of the congregation to clearly hear; the setup’s extremely low profile doesn’t interfere with sight-lines either.

More information about the VUE system at First Baptist Church Hendersonville

“We had an old mono center cluster system, it was intended for use with a vocal mic and a piano. We’ve grown to the point where we have 170 choir members, a 60-person orchestra and our modern praise band every week. We also host events, such as the Southern Baptist Convention. We needed a system that would help us leap forward. The people at VUE  were the only ones confident enough to say ‘we can do this by creating a system that produces a stereo image.’ That was one of the biggest point, we wanted a stereo image — much fuller and richer sound.”

Ben Swaby, Director of Communications and Information Technology, First Baptist Church Hendersonville

VUE Transforms Great Hills Baptist Church Worship Experience
Hybrid CST™ al-Class Acoustic Linearity line array system solves long-standing coverage issues

The recently commissioned VUE al-Class line array based system at Austin’s Great Hills Baptist Church is drawing rave reviews from Church leadership, sound engineers, and worshipers alike. Designed by Springfield MO -based Paragon 360, the VUE al-Class hybrid line array system replaces an old JBL Vertec rig, and is the first step in a multi-phase electro-acoustic renovation. Thanks to VUE’s unique Continual Source Topology (CST) which enables the assembly of seamless hybrid arrays of different-sized elements, the al-Class was the perfect solution to address coverage issues and provide improved clarity throughout the 3,500-seat venue.

To deliver consistent 180-degree coverage across the half-circle-shaped sanctuary, Paragon 360’s lead audio designer Mark Coble specified four discrete arrays incorporating six al-8 elements with four subcompact al-4s for near-field coverage. VUE’s proprietary CST technology virtually eliminates the transition between the al-8 and al-4 elements resulting in exceptional near-field coverage with consistent fidelity, optimal line length, and minimal weight.


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