h-15W & h-15N High Definition Full Range Systems Data Sheet (PDF)


CX-TV Gearbox & CX Mag reviews of the VUE h-15N loudspeaker

Looking at the external finish of the VUE h15 gives you a pretty good idea of the build quality within, and lifting the speaker up should pretty rapidly confirm your theory. Or if you wanted to do things the easy way, you could always just plug it in and have a listen.

h-Class is the flagship range of point source speaker systems by VUE Audiotechnik, and the h15s are about the biggest full range boxes in the series (the subwoofers are bigger). The h15 is available in two variations – the h15N (narrow) and the h15W (wide). Physically and electronically the two are very similar, the key point of difference being the nominal coverage angles – the wide is 100×50 degrees while the narrow model is 60×40 degrees (HxV). We reviewed the narrow model.

Joshua Driscoll – FOH Slightly Stoopid

Joshua Driscoll used VUE Audiotechnik powered h-Class hs-25 subs with h-15 tops for stage side fills and at Solana Beach, CA’s famed BellyUp club. “Thanks again for hooking up those side fills from VUE. They worked perfectly for us. What a great sounding speaker line.”  

美国乡村音乐巨匠VINCE GILL携VUE音响巡回演出

Vince Gill是获得美国乡村音乐葛莱美奖最多的艺人之一,他曾八次摘取葛莱美乡村最佳音乐歌手奖项。被称为乡村音乐巨匠的他喜欢简化的巡回演出方式,几乎每场演出,他只需要一套室内音响系统。为了确保声音的全面覆盖,达到歌迷期望的音质,生产经理兼FOH工程师Hugh Johnson选择了VUE Audiotechnik的音响系统作为其巡回演出的特色音响。

Vince Gill Carries VUE Loudspeakers on Tour With Sound Image

Country music legend Vince Gill uses a streamlined approach to touring, using house sound systems in virtually every venue he plays. To ensure the full coverage and sound quality that fans expect, production manager and FOH engineer Hugh Johnson carries VUE Audiotechnik loudspeakers to complement whatever “PA du jour ” the tour may encounter.
Johnson acknowledges that it’s unusual to select a new loudspeaker brand for an established artist like Vince Gill. “It true, but I heard them demoed and was intrigued. There’s this clarity and musicality about them that I haven’t had before,” he says. “I brought some into Sound Image Nashville, and every model sounded great right out of the box. The more I heard, the more I liked them.”